…….Since the average Bowdoin student has about seventeen things going on at any given moment, we’ve tried to create many opportunities for you to get involved — each of which holds a different degree of commitment.




Mailing List

…….Joining our mailing list is a simple way to see what we’re up to.  Prior to each meeting, we’ll send out a reminder and preview of what you can expect.  We’ll also email the list regarding other things you might enjoy: speakers, calls, networking, interesting articles, etc.  So if seventeen things wasn’t exactly an exaggeration, you’ll definitely want to sign up and keep yourself organized.


Weekly Meetings

…….It honestly doesn’t matter how “into” finance you are when you walk in the door.  Our goal is to make every meeting worth attending — regardless of one’s technical background.  Please check out the Weekly Meetings page to see our approach. If you have the time and interest, then try dropping in for an hour.