about the society

enthusiast, dilettante, director? come as you are. there’s a place for you here.

the bowdoin film society is a tightly-knit family of cinephiles and filmmakers who are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a thriving filmmaking community on campus. the society lies at the heart of student filmmaking here at bowdoin college. we have a strong tradition of helping new members and interested students with projects every step of the way, whether that means showing someone how to use our equipment or how to edit in their editing software of choice to make their artistic vision a reality.

we meet weekly during the academic year to discuss programming and projects.

currently, the society screens films every weekend for the campus and hosts two major student film festivals: the fall 48 Hour Film Festival and the Spring Film Festival.

initially founded in 19xx, the society was revived with an updated mission statement in 200x. programming has long been the primary focus of our group, with the continued goal of screening for our peers a mix of underappreciated cinema gems and a handful of hollywood blockbusters. a couple of years ago, we began our first true foray into organized digital filmmaking and currently, although we are still maintaining consistent screening schedules, have since shifted our focus to producing creative works with high standards of filming, editing, and exhibition.

are you a prospective member of the class of 2015 or beyond? email bfs@bowdoin.edu
to request more information about filmmaking and film-related programming at bowdoin.

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