Student Organizations

Club Life at Bowdoin is supported primarily by the Student Activities Fee, a fund managed by our Student Activities Funding Committee. Between the Student Organizations Committee, the Student Activities Office, and the Student Activities Funding Committee, club leaders are given a comprehensive support network for accomplishing any of their goals on campus. With nearly 100 active clubs and growing, there are plenty of ways to get involved and break out of your comfort zone as a student. Club Leaders can refer to our page on Club Funding or the Club Leaders’ Manual for more guidance with club management, or if you’re interested in starting a new club on campus, refer to the Starting a New Club page for more information.

Organization Name




A Cappella Council Music Email Leadership A representative body of all Bowdoin a cappella groups.

The Bowdoin A Cappella Council is the organizing body that maintains communication among the Bowdoin a cappella groups and plans the all a cappella programs that occur through out the academic year.  The Council is also in charge of distributing recording funds at the beginning of each academic year in accordance with a flexible three year cycle.

Africa Alliance Cultural Email Leadership Welcomes students interested in learning about the continent of Africa.This group is for those interested and related to those on the continent of Africa and their descendants. We share music, language, dance, and all aspects of culture with members. All are welcome.
African American Society Cultural Email Leadership

Cultural group to promote black unity on campus and raise awareness.

The African-American Society is a cultural and historical group that seeks to promote community and support for all of its members. We push our members to succeed academically and socially, in order to reach the highest levels of achievement on Bowdoin’s campus. We strive to be a strong-knit, inclusive community. Through dialogue and programming we work to enrich, engage and inform the campus of black culture as well as diverse black experiences.

Amnesty International Social Action Email Leadership International organization to combat human rights issues.

Amnesty International is a worldwide organization working to combat human rights offenses. The Bowdoin Amnesty International Chapter holds weekly meetings and raises awareness on campus about human rights issues. The club also brings speakers to campus and holds letter writing campaigns to help free political prisoners and end human rights abuses.

Arabesque Dance Email Leadership Arabesque is Bowdoin’s performance-based ballet group.

Our mission is to provide an outlet for students to learn and perform student-generated ballet choreography and to bond over a common passion for the art.

Asian Student Association Cultural Email Leadership We welcome anyone interested in Asian culture regardless of background.The objective of the Asian Students Association is to establish friendship among students interested in Asian cultures and to bring multicultural awareness to Bowdoin and the Brunswick community. We hold weekly dinner meetings and organize a wide range of club or campus-wide events to promote a variety of Asian cultures. Past activities include the ASA Fashion Show, Caligraphy Night and Asian Nibbles etc. Students of all cultural backgrounds are welcome to join ASA.
Bellamafia Music Email Leadership Bellamafia is an all-female a cappella group.Bellamafia is an all-female a cappella group that aims to be a rewarding musical and social outlet for its members. Our members are all an integral part of the process of arranging, learning and performing the songs that we sing. The group performs multiple times a semester both on and off campus at events such as fundraisers, invitationals with other groups and Bowdoin’s all-a cappella group concerts.
Board Game Club Other Email Leadership The only club at Bowdoin that takes board games to 11.The Board Game Club seeks to provide a venue for enjoying board games—a safe, rewarding, and intellectually challenging pastime to Bowdoin students who might not otherwise have the means or opportunity to do so. We hope that by bringing exposure to a variety of different board game experiences we can foster community and help students make new friends.
BOKA Music Email Leadership BOKA is a colorful co-ed a cappella group that sings pop and folk.BOKA is Bowdoin’s oldest co-ed a cappella group working to provide a fun environment for students to join a musical group on campus. We tend to sing songs that fall into the pop, folk, and indie categories and try to have as much fun as possible doing it. We like to have low-key and relaxed concerts for friends and students on campus and are most well known for “Bursurka”, our spring concert with Ursus and usually perform wearing jewel tones. BOKA is a very collaborative group, looking for input from all of our members, and more importantly, we are all friends and become family by the end of the year!
Bowdoin Alpine Ski Team Club Sports Email Leadership An inclusive team dedicated to alpine ski racing.Bowdoin Alpine Ski Team aims to promote interest in ski racing and provide each athlete with the opportunity to develop their ski racing ability in a positive, competitive atmosphere. Our goal is to establish an inclusive environment for ski enthusiasts of all abilities while forming a foundation of respect and camaraderie while striving for competitive excellence. In addition to a strong team dynamic, we seek to construct a friendly network with athletes from all teams competing in the Maine mountain environment.
Bowdoin Animation Society Film Email Leadership Explore the world of Japanese anime.Bowdoin Animation Society (BAS) strives to bring appreciation for the internationally popular form of entertainment known as Japanese animation, or anime for short. This art form offers both entertainment and a look into Japanese culture and society that many students may not have the chance to experience. In addition to Japanese anime, BAS also explores many other types of animation including American and European TV shows and movies. Through the sharing of the anime that we love as well as exploring anime that we may not have otherwise seen, BAS helps foster a love for the genre in general beyond small fandoms.
Bowdoin Art Society Art Email Leadership The Bowdoin Art Society discusses and promotes the arts.Our mission is to promote the vibrancy of the arts on campus, create a community for people interested in the arts, and encourage a conversation about contemporary international developments in art. We seek to provoke a discussion about topics ranging from traditional fine arts to post-modern modes of art to the serendipity and aesthetics that might be encountered in daily living. We all may agree that the fine arts (printing, drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture) constitute art. But increasingly art is being blended with life in conceptual art, performance art, and relational aesthetics, for example. What are the boundaries between traditional and newer forms of art? Between art and life? Between self-defined artists and people who create yet do not think of their practice as art? Students mostly experience art through the traditional forms of a visual arts curriculum, the museum, and studio space, but art is also happening in other places.
Bowdoin Cable Network Other Email Leadership We cultivate tv & movie writing, acting, directing, editing, & filming.Bowdoin Cable Network is Bowdoin’s student-run cable network. We are committed to creating new and original television content for the Bowdoin Community. Club members cultivate their creative writing, acting, directing, editing, and filming to create shows and short videos to air on Bowdoin Cable channel 41, the BCN Youtube Channel, and campus-wide screenings. Club members develop the necessary skills for pre-production, production, and post-production in film and television.
Bowdoin Cheer Squad Club Sport Email Leadership The Cheer Team cheers at sporting events and performs at other events.The Bowdoin Cheer Squad, founded in 2006, works to foster school spirit through support for Bowdoin’s athletic teams. Encouraging cheers, dance routines, and distribution of pep gear are only some of the ways in which we strive to increase fan interest and encouragement for the Bowdoin Polar Bears. In addition to bringing the Bowdoin community together, the Cheer Squad is committed to fostering a close knit community within the team. We welcome all levels of cheering background from beginner to experienced, as well as all students who show enthusiasm and support for Bowdoin Athletics.
Bowdoin College Consulting Group Pre-professional Email Leadership Prepare students for a career in consulting and network with alumni.1. Prepare students for a career in consulting
2. Organize case interview practice/ workshops
3. Connect with alumni in consulting for advice/networking opportunities
4. Deliver consulting services to other organizations on campus. For example: student activities office and the dining service.
5. Sponsor business or consulting-related events on campus (invite speakers)
Bowdoin College Debate Team Academic Email Leadership Debate Team! Practices debate and debates against other schools.

The Bowdoin College Debate Team is an organization committed to practicing and competing in Parliamentary Debate. It will work towards teaching the rules and techniques necessary to succeed in this form of debate. In addition, we will attend tournaments to compete against other schools in Parliamentary Debate to test ourselves against other teams and to enhance our own skills. We commit ourselves to teaching debate and improving our rhetorical skills in an enjoyable environment.

Bowdoin College Democrats Political Email Leadership A group of politically minded, activist students on campus.The Bowdoin College Democrats is a group of politically minded, activist students on campus. The group rallies behind forward-thinking candidates in local, state, and national elections and supports progressive causes nationwide. Members participate in campaigns and political events throughout the year. The College Democrats serves as the primary group that registers students to vote and the sole organizer of get-out-the-vote effort in November. Through partnerships with similarly minded groups, the College Democrats drives progressive thinking and activism at Bowdoin.
Bowdoin College Equestrian Team Club Sport Email Leadership

Continue riding or learn how to ride.

The Bowdoin Equestrian Team consists of a group of riders who compete in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).  It is a club sport open to anyone who is interested in riding or learning to ride.  Horse shows are held 6-10 times a year at various college stables.  During shows, students ride horses that are provided by the host college and chosen by drawing lots. The use of personal tack is not allowed and schooling is not permitted. The theory behind this structure is to equalize the variables of the competition and test the horsemanship of the contestants. All members are encouraged to show with the team.  There are classes available for all abilities ranging from walk/trot division for beginners to open division for more experienced riders.

Bowdoin College Finance Society Pre-professional Email Leadership We aim to prepare students for careers in financial services.The Bowdoin College Finance Society is a student organization dedicated to introducing our members to various financial services. We work closely with the college’s Career Planning Center to provide all members with the resources and knowledge they need to successfully leverage their liberal arts background and break into Wall Street. Our meetings are accessible to individuals with varying levels of understanding of the industry.
Bowdoin College Food Co-op Environmental Email Leadership The Food Co-op is a sustainable cooking club for all experience levels.The Bowdoin College Food Co-op is a student-run cooking club that meets weekly to prepare an organic and vegetarian meal using local ingredients. The Food Co-op seeks to promote sustainability on campus through support of local agriculture and serves as a creative outlet for students of all experience levels to cook in a friendly community. Students sign up on a volunteer basis to cook meals while others simply come to enjoy the food and company.
Bowdoin Community Gospel Choir Music Email Leadership BCGC seeks to encourage, inspire and uplift through gospel music.Bowdoin Community Gospel Choir seeks to unite community members and Bowdoin College faculty and students through music. The choir’s major objective is to spread encouragement, inspire, and foster creativity through Gospel music.
BCGC is a gospel choir comprised of students from all walks of life.The Bowdoin Community Gospel Choir (BCGC) is an interfaith gospel choir run by students of all walks of life and musical experience and open to the greater Brunswick community. We sing at Bowdoin events, local churches, retirement homes, and perform regularly with the Gospelaires at Bates. The group performs a cappella or with musical accompaniment for various local venues. We meet on Friday evenings, and many members are also involved in other musical groups on campus. The group was founded by Coretta King ’12 in 2011.
Bowdoin Craft Center Club Sport Email Leadership Encouraging Creativity in a Non-Curricular Setting, every hour of ever.Housing permanent pottery, fabric and glass studios, the Craft Center gives members endless opportunities to create, explore, and foster their artistic skills. The studio is also used for holding a variety of workshops year-round. Programming at the Craft Center attempts to encompass a broad range of craft workshops based on student request and interest. The Craft Center is run entirely by the Director and Student Managers on a part-time basis, so the facility demands that members abide by the honor system to utilize and respect the space. To ensure safety and responsibility, all users must sign an art code and participate in a safety class before access to the Craft Center is granted.
Bowdoin Curling Club Club Sport Email Leadership An intercollegiate team that loves the most unique winter sport!The Bowdoin Curling Club is a group committed to sharing our unique and entertaining sport with as many people as possible. We are open to individuals of all skill levels, particularly newcomers. A low-commitment organization, we have a maximum of two practices per week during our fall and winter season. We travel throughout New England, competing with around a dozen other collegiate teams for several spots in the national competition (We were the 2011 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!). If you have any interest in this unusual Olympic sport, please contact us!
Bowdoin Cycling Club Club Sport Email Leadership We organize road rides, catering to all abilities.To provide opportunities for Bowdoin students to ride bikes both non-competitively and competitively. We organize group rides for riders of various skill levels in fall and spring and travel to races hosted by the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) in the spring.
Bowdoin Film Society Art Email Leadership Create. Screen. Discuss.Enthusiast, dilettante, director, J.J. Abrams? Come as you are. There’s a place for you here. The Bowdoin Film Society is a tightly-knit family of cinephiles and filmmakers who are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a thriving filmmaking community on campus. The society lies at the heart of cinema culture here at Bowdoin College. We have a strong tradition of exploring the world of film, whether through showing students how to use equipment to realize their artistic visions or by organizing film events for the community. We meet weekly during the academic year to discuss programming and projects. Currently, the society screens films every weekend for the campus and hosts two major student film festivals: the fall 48 Hour Film Festival and the Spring Film Festival. Initially founded in 19xx, the society was revived with an updated mission statement in 200x. Programming has long been the primary focus of our group, with the continued goal of screening a variety of films including under-appreciated cinematic gems and Hollywood blockbusters.
Bowdoin French Club (Famille Francophone) Cultural Email Leadership We promote the values, culture & interests of Francophonie at Bowdoin.We, the founders of the Bowdoin French Club (Famille Francophone), Whereas we are:
Motivated to promote the values, culture and interests of Francophonie to the Bowdoin and Midcoast communities
Resolved to protect the interests of Bowdoin’s Francophone students
Conscious of the importance of Francophonie to Maine and determined to forge better ties between the linguistic communities thereof,
Now, therefore, adopt the following Mission Statement:
The Famille Francophone is a club established to promote the values, culture and interests of Francophonie to the Bowdoin and Midcoast communities, particularly the Bowdoin student body. It will also protect and support the interests of Bowdoin’s Francophone students.To this end, the Bowdoin French club shall:
Organize cultural events at Bowdoin and elsewhere (including, but not limited to, the Bowdoin French Film Festival, culinary soirées and excursions to shows)
Work closely with the French Department
Liaise with the French consulate in Boston and provide club members with details of events in the consulate’s area of competence
Develop closer ties, and collaborate, with other New England French Clubs.
Bowdoin Green Athletics Environmental Email Leadership BGA is working to green the athletic operations of the college.The mission of Bowdoin Green Athletics is to green the athletic operations of the college through the participation, connections, and influence of Bowdoin students (both non-athletes and athletes) who are passionate about supporting Bowdoin’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2020 and efforts to be more sustainable. We want to use the group as a marketing tactic that we can test out on a micro scale. The movement to green athletic operations goes far beyond Bowdoin’s campus; colleges and organizations across the country, like the Natural Resource Defense Council, are getting involved in the movement and even professional sports leagues are starting to join in. BGA wants to find out what will incentivize small groups of people to live more sustainably in an effort to discover what might work on a larger scale. BGA will work with sports teams, the athletic department, facilities, and the sustainability department to promote sustainability-related events and action throughout the Bowdoin community, especially at athletic events.
Bowdoin Hillel Religious Email Leadership Hillel is committed to creating an open and inviting space on campus.Bowdoin Hillel is committed to creating a space on campus that is open and inviting to the Jewish community. We aim to organize frequent programming throughout the year, including weekly shabbat candlelighting and dinner, Bagels on the Quad, challah-baking lessons, a Chanukah party with homemade latkes, and occasional field trips to the synagogue in Portland. In addition, Bowdoin Hillel coordinates High Holy Day services in the fall and a Passover Seder in the spring. We want to provide Bowdoin with a comfortable outlet for the Jewish community on campus.
Bowdoin International Club Cultural Email Leadership I-Club connects international students with the greater Bowdoin campus.Bowdoin International Club seeks to connect international students with the greater campus and foster intercultural understanding and appreciation.
Bowdoin International Relations Society Pre-professional Email Leadership We expand exposure to and cultivation of global affairs on campus.The Bowdoin International Relations Society (BIRS) seeks to facilitate on-campus discussions of international affairs, expose the student body to expert opinions, and cultivate interests in global understanding. To this end, the club primarily does three things. First, the club hosts weekly dinner discussions of current events and international topics. Second, the club delivers a daily newsbrief service. The Editor-in-Chief works with six students to filter through over 15 news sources (both Western and local) and to summarize top headlines relevant to international relations. The newsbrief is a daily service, and its subscribers include both off-campus individuals as well as professors. Finally, the club organizes bi-semester panel-debates, which are modeled after the Doha Debate and Oxford Union and seek to expose Bowdoin students to the greater international affairs community.
Bowdoin Men Against Sexual Violence Social Action Email Leadership BMASV is an all-male group that spreads awareness about sexual assault.BMASV is the only all-male group on campus that addresses sexual assault prevention. BMASV serves to educate and make men on campus aware of Bowdoin’s standards concerning language use, consent, and bystander intervention through the facilitation of male and co-ed athletic teams and groups. BMASV also strives to be a group of positive role models and create a safe environment for all students on Bowdoin’s campus.
Bowdoin Men’s Club Volleyball Athletic Email Leadership Men’s Volleyball competes in the NECVL and has loads of fun!The Bowdoin Men’s Volleyball team competes with teams ranging in level from club to NCAA D1 both in Maine and beyond. The team is a member of the competitive New England Collegiate Volleyball League, and also plays at tournaments throughout New England. Visit the NECVL website for more information on the league and upcoming events. The season lasts from early November till mid-March.The team consists of a core of devoted members, but is welcoming to any who wish to play. Previous experience is not required, but players are expected to strive to get better in strategy, fundamentals, and all-around play as the season progresses. Players are expected to be at practice, to come with a good attitude, to be open to suggestions regarding their performances, and to be willing to work to get better.Schedule will be posted in January when it is finalized. Roster will be updated after the student activities fair and will continue to be updated as people join the team throughout the season. If you’re interested in joining the team, please email for more information.
Bowdoin Music Collective Music Email Leadership BMC organizes and promotes musical events and activities on campus.The Bowdoin Musical Collective (BMC) is a student organization dedicated to increasing the presence of student musical performances on campus, and creating an inclusive network for Bowdoin students interested in music. Through impromptu performances, scheduled concerts at campus venues, and helping to establishing a strong network of student-musicians, the BMC aims to make music not simply an alternative to other weekend activities, but the main weekend attraction. The club is open to all members of the Bowdoin community who are interested in improving the musical culture on campus, regardless of their individual musical abilities.
Bowdoin OpEd Club Other Email Leadership We encourage women to involve themselves in editorials.Our goal is to allay the gender gap in editorials by giving undergraduate women resources and a community in which to utilize them. The Op-Ed Project aims to expand the voices of public debate in any issue about which our members are passionate and knowledgeable.
Bowdoin Organic Garden Environmental Email Leadership We plant 1.5 acres of vegetables for campus, come garden!The mission of the BOG is to provide a place for learning, growth, understanding, and reflection about food and our environment
Bowdoin Outing Club Other Email Leadership The Bowdoin Outing Club provides access to the outdoors to all members and brings outdoor-related programming to all students at Bowdoin. We seek to nurture leadership, fellowship, and create a welcoming spirit of adventure.
Bowdoin Queer-Straight Alliance Cultural Email Leadership BQSA promotes respect and safety for queer students and their allies.BQSA is a student led organization that plans social events, promotes LQBTQIA activism, and creates educational programming on Bowdoin’s campus and in the greater community. Our meetings focus on planning and discussion of current events. We strive to create safe spaces on campus for queer students and their allies. Students of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome to attend meetings and events.
Bowdoin Rowing Club Sport Email Leadership Men’s and women’s club rowing team.Bowdoin Rowing is the club rowing team of Bowdoin College and was the college’s first intercollegiate sport. Supported by the generosity of alumni, the Bowdoin Athletic Department, and the Bowdoin Student Activities Funding Committee, Bowdoin Rowing affords students the opportunity to learn to row and continue their athletic development in a supportive, co-educational team environment. Bowdoin Rowing is founded in the five principles of safety, generosity, reliability, humor and speed. Competing during both fall and spring seasons, Bowdoin Rowing is committed to the pursuit of individual growth, team camaraderie and athletic success at the regional, national and international levels.
Bowdoin Rugby Football Club Club Sport Email Leadership To play and teach rugby at a high competitive level and to contribute positively to the Bowdoin community as a whole.
Bowdoin Ski and Ride Club Athletic Email Leadership Get the people on the slopes!Ski and Ride aims to raise enthusiasm towards skiing and riding during the school year. We provide free weekly shuttles to various resorts—primarily Sunday River and Sugarloaf—throughout the entire ski season. We also organize other ski-related events including movie screenings, weekend-overnight trips, night-skiing trips, and more!
Bowdoin Taiko Music Email Leadership Learn to smash drums rhythmically in a group! Great fun awaits with us.Bowdoin Taiko, est. fall 2002, is a learning-oriented club whose goal is to teach Taiko to Bowdoin College and the Brunswick community, and to perform in concerts, dance shows, and other venues. Our songs are handed down year-to-year, building in repertoire with each new leader, who teaches during practice times. In addition, Bowdoin Taiko occasionally will host professional taiko players to give workshops and/or demonstrations. Bowdoin Taiko will teach interested people the proper rhythms, stances, and movements of traditional, modern, and original taiko pieces.
Bowdoin Women in Business Pre-professional Email Leadership BWIB seeks to help female students prepare for business careers.BWIB seeks to help female students prepare for careers by providing an opportunity for networking, career preparation, and learning about challenges real women face in fields traditionally dominated by men.
Bowdoin Women’s Association Social Action Email Leadership A discussion group for women pertaining to gender issues.To help organize and support events and activities relating to gender issues on campus and in the wider community. In addition, we hold a monthly discussion group for women to develop and practice their individual reflections pertaining to gender and activism.
Bowdoin Women’s Ultimate (Chaos Theory) Club Sport Email Leadership high level ultimate, high level funChaos Theory, Bowdoin Women’s Ultimate Team is dedicated to providing a high level of ultimate and a high level of fun to all of its players. We strive to be open to players of all abilities and experience levels, and provide a fun and competitive alternative to varsity athletics.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club Sport Email Leadership Learn a great sport and fighting style.No prior experience needed.The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club serves to teach both gi and no-gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to its members. Members will be able to learn the sport safely by coming to our twice-weekly practices where we warm up, learn new skills, drill, and have live matches, often taught by coaches. Members can also learn by watching professional matches either screened on tv or attending live fights in Lewiston. The club would also like to give the opportunity for members to train with and compete with other clubs or gyms in Maine.
Broken: Bowdoin Breakdancing Dance Email Leadership Learning and improving breakdancing skills at all levels.We strive to bring the awesome art of bboying, also known as breakdancing, to the Bowdoin community, welcoming all levels of skill and knowledge.
Catholic Student Union Religious Email Leadership CSU provides a community of faith and fellowship for Catholic students.The Catholic Student Union seeks to provide a welcoming community for members of the Bowdoin community practicing the Catholic faith. The goals of the organization include: convening weekly for fellowship meetings, organizing carpools to local churches for weekend masses, planning on-campus masses throughout the year (during Advent and Lent), as well as participating in events of faith and fellowship with Catholic student groups from other colleges/universities in the Southern Maine area.
Chess Club Other Email Leadership Offers a friendly environment for chess play and competition.The Bowdoin Chess Club fosters a friendly environment for chess play and competition. There is no prerequisite experience necessary and we offer introductory lessons to teach the rules and beginner strategy.
Circle Spiritual Email Leadership Circle is a safe space for students to make meaning in their lives.Circle is a safe space for students to come together at different points in their journeys. We are not tied to a singular faith, thinking, or practice, but rather welcome the coexistence of all belief systems, including students who are questioning or exploratory. Our meetings are centered around specific themes that drive compassionate conversation and mindful activities. We invite students to come as their authentic selves. However you make meaning in your life, we meet you where you are.
Club Ice Hockey Club Sport Email Leadership Competitive games and pick up hockey with a low key time commitment.Club Ice Hockey is an organization on campus that gives students the opportunity to play competitive hockey games against schools in the area and organized pickup hockey at a level that is more competitive than intramural hockey. Typically the group is made up of players who played competitively at the high school level and wanted to continue playing without having the full time commitment of a varsity sport. There are typically 1-2 Ice times per week, one of which may often be a game.
Club Tennis Club Sport Email Leadership Come play tennis, whether you’ve never played or play all the time!The purpose of Club Tennis is to give Bowdoin students an outlet to play tennis. Whether a first time player just wants to learn how to play or an experienced veteran wants to compete against other schools, Club Tennis is the appropriate outlet.
Curtain Callers Performing Arts Email Leadership Curtain Callers: Bowdoin’s student run musical theater group!Curtain Callers is a student run musical theater group dedicated to producing quality musical theater on campus. We were founded on the values of community, inclusion, and dedication to the arts. We bring at least one musical to campus every academic year, as we believe that there is always a place for musical theater in the Bowdoin community. Our goals are to continue our student run productions in the future, and allow those who want a chance to act, sing, and dance to do so in a relaxed and extracurricular environment.
EleMental Dance Email Leadership The lyrical hip-hop group for both first-time and experienced dancers.Elemental is Bowdoin’s lyrical hip-hop group and welcomes both first-time and experienced dancers to learn new student choreography at our weekly rehearsals. There are no auditions to join and interested members may perform at several shows throughout the academic year, including Family Weekend, the ASA Fashion Show, and the Fall and Spring Student Groups Performances. All members are encouraged to bring friends, help choreograph, and enjoy dance!
Green Bowdoin Alliance Environmental Email Leadership GBA introduces students to the world of environmental activism.Green Bowdoin Alliance provides students with an introduction to the world of environmental activism. Through educational campaigns, community outreach, and environmental policy advocacy, GBA aims at helping students learn more about the green movement and how they can make a difference. Through these various activities, GBA also gives students tools to use their knowledge in their everyday life and thereby help make the world a greener place to live.
Huntington Bird Club Other Email Leadership The Bird Club goes on birdwatching trips and on-campus walks.The Huntington Bird Club aims to promote an appreciation of the natural world, with a specific emphasis on avian life. We accomplish this goal principally by taking trips to various sites in in Mid Coast and South Coast Maine. We also have on- and near-campus trips to places like the Bowdoin Pines. We provide bird data to eBird, used by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and other institutions, after most trips. We also work with Counseling and the Outing Club to lead Mindful Nature Walks approximately once a month. We’re also a member of the International Collegiate Ornithological Network, and we participate in their events.
J-Street U Bowdoin Political Email Leadership Advocates for Israeli-Palestinian peace through a two-state solution.J Street U is the student organizing arm of J Street, the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans.On campuses across the country we are organizing as students to act together on behalf of a two-state solution and a more peaceful, secure, and democratic future for both Israelis and Palestinians. In so doing, we strive to bring to our campuses and our communities an inclusive, pragmatic, and values-driven conversation able to meet the urgency and seriousness of the challenge that we face.
Korean American Students Association Cultural Email Leadership KASA is for students interested in Korean culture.The Korean American Students Association is committed to promoting cultural awareness and understanding on Bowdoin campus. KASA aims to reach its goal through the various political, social and cultural events held throughout the year.
Latin American Student Organization Cultural Email Leadership LASO aims to educate and unite the Latino and greater communities!A cultural organization aimed at assisting the Latino community adjust to life at Bowdoin and find a place of comfort while striving to educate the greater community about Latino culture, customs, and issues and combating stereotypes and bias.
Masque and Gown Performing Arts Email Leadership M&G is the student theater group!Masque and Gown is a student-run organization, founded in 1903. Each year, through collaboration with the Department of Theater and Dance, we produce two main stage productions, a 24-hour show, and a one-act festival. We also bring in guest artists to run specialized theater workshops in areas ranging from improvisation to auditioning. We provide a venue for actors, directors, designers, theater technicians, and playwrights to showcase and develop their talents.
Men’s Club Water Polo Club Sport Email Leadership We practice and compete in the sport of water polo.Our club’s mission is to provide a means for interested students to learn, play and compete in the exciting sport of water polo. In addition to having daily practices we enter tournaments against other collegiate institutions and represent Bowdoin as a member of the Collegiate Water Polo Association. We welcome all students to join the team, whether they have never played water polo before or they are a seasoned veteran. The men’s season is in the fall and the women’s season is in the spring.
Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club Sport Email Leadership Come throw a disc. All experience levels welcome.The Bowdoin College Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team is devoted to introducing and expanding the game of Ultimate to Bowdoin students as well as fostering the development of previous talent and interest in the game. The team accommodates various levels of competition from casual interest to serious play at the DIII collegiate level. The team is built around a genuine love for the game and has a year-round, open membership to anyone that shares an interest in learning to throw a disc and the game of Ultimate. The team maintains a positive dynamic of encouragement as well as personal and team improvement, which is a product of the close, inclusive environment on and off of the field..
Men’s Club Lacrosse Club Sport Email Leadership For Bowdoin students who have prior lacrosse experience.Men’s Club Lacrosse is meant to be an outlet for Bowdoin students who played lacrosse in high school and would like to play in college, but not at the varsity level. Over the years the season has consisted of 8 games at the dome in Topsham during the first 2 months of the spring semester and 2 games against Bates in the spring.
Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble Dance Email Leadership All students welcome, any belly can dance!The Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble is meant to maintain a space in which students can learn a cultural dance form while also exploring their own interpretation of the dance form through their bodies. The aesthetics of bellydance encourage openness and an appreciation of one’s body, which we find to be a valuable contribution to campus.
Mock Trial Pre-Professional Email Leadership Bowdoin Mock Trial competes nationally against other colleges.This is a competitive academic team that travels to compete as part of the American Mock Trial Association against other colleges and universities in tournaments throughout the academic year. Our goals are to succeed in competition while teaching students leadership, public speaking, and legal skills.
Muslim Students’ Association Religious Email Leadership Allowing Muslim students to maintain spiritual and cultural practices.MSA provides a space for Muslim students of Bowdoin to maintain spiritual and cultural practices while on campus. Furthermore, the group encourages and supports open dialogue among fellow students and the community to eradicate stereotypes commonly depicted in the media. The MSA’s primary initiatives are to ensure that there are designated locations on campus for students to congregate and pray, particularly Jummah salat, as well as ensuring accommodations for halal dietary guidelines are provided.
Native American Students Association Cultural Email Leadership NASA seeks to educate interested students in Native American culture.It is the mission of NASA to create and maintain a supportive environment for Native American students and to increase awareness of Native American cultures on campus and within the community through a collaboration of Native American and non-Native American students. NASA strives to develop a supportive space for the unique struggles faced by Native American peoples in order to help improve academic success and individual growth of these students. NASA also believes that it is essential to foster a community of learning and growth with people from all backgrounds; inclusiveness is central to our mission.
Neuro Club Other Email Leadership Neuro Club does outreach at schools & brings speakers to campus.The purpose of this club is to promote understanding and interest in neuroscience, both at Bowdoin and in the local community. The club accomplishes this by performing scientific outreach in local secondary schools and bringing to Bowdoin speakers within the field.
Obvious Hip Hop Club Dance Email Leadership A fun group of kids bonding over hiphop moves and good music.Obvious is a hip hop dance club that brings students together twice a week to learn choreography and listen to absurdly good music. Dance moves range from breaking to jazz funk (leaning much more towards Chris Brown than the Rockettes), and music can be Snoop Dogg or Beyoncé, depending on the day. Beginners and veterans, girls and boys alike are all welcome (especially you boys. We’re always looking for some more gentlemen to break, partner or take center stage. And let’s be honest, it’s a great way to make a lot of female friends). Open practices; auditions to perform in shows (there are 2 to 4 per semester). So come to our next practice; it’s Obvious that you’re dying to check us out.
Oxfam America Bowdoin Social Action Email Leadership Oxfam Bowdoin seeks sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice.Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Together with individuals and local groups in more than 90 countries, Oxfam saves lives, helps people overcome poverty, and fights for social justice. We are one of the 17 affiliates in the international confederation Oxfam.Oxfam’s approach is about tackling the conditions that cause poverty in the first place, rather than the distribution of material goods. We start by asking questions and challenging assumptions. What are the root causes of poverty? What can we do to change the power dynamics that keep people poor? These questions inform the four categories into which our work falls:
-Saving lives
-Programs to overcome poverty and injustice
-Campaigning for social justice
-Public EducationNearly one out of every three of us lives in poverty. But we see a future in which no one does.
Peucinian Society Other Email Leadership The Peucinian Society meets for political and social disputations.The Peucinian Society at Bowdoin College kindles intellectual fire through the hosting of political and social disputations that encourage articulation and exploration of the Authorities that elucidate Right, the Goals that unify Culture, and the Sources that inspire Virtue. The Society maintains an environment that nourishes utmost respect, enables lasting friendships and, above all, celebrates free inquiry.
Ping Pong Club Other Email Leadership We play ping pong and have fun.
Polar Bear Swing Other Email Leadership Swing dance club with weekly lessons and routine performancesOur primary goal is to provide swing dance lessons in a number of different styles to interested students and community members. We aim to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere so that both new and experienced dancers can feel comfortable and can enjoy dancing as part of the group. We provide lessons in East Coast, West Coast, and Lindy Hop swing dance, and sponsor on-campus events for dancers and novices. We also perform in the various dance shows throughout the semester, which provides us with a way to showcase our skills and practice choreographing different routines to fit the needs of the group. Finally, we try to attend swing dance events outside of Bowdoin College so as to become part of a broader community of dancers and further improve our dancing.
Pre-Health Society Pre-professional Email Leadership PHS provides opportunities to explore the health professions.The Pre-Health Society aims to build a network of support and guidance among Bowdoin students interested in the health professions. Guest speakers allow students to explore their future career options, delve into related fields such as ethics and sociology, and hear firsthand the experiences of upperclassmen students. By collaborating with Bowdoin’s volunteer organizations, the Pre-Health Society also provides students with an opportunity to build essential social skills, such as how to talk to patient and families.
Slam Poet Society Performing Arts Email Leadership A community of writers and thinkers ensuring all voices can be heard.We are a social circle of poets seeking to morph the world with words. As a cohesive collective of writers, we shall make it our mission to actively engage our peers with thought-provoking pieces. The performance (or slam) of written poems is the means by which we accomplish this mission. We commit to utilizing the power of poetry to uplift and transform Bowdoin’s consciousness. -Slam Poet Society.
Society of Physics Students Academic/td> Email Leadership We support all physics students at Bowdoin.Our goal is to support physics students on campus and encourage a greater school wide interest in the subject of physics. We seek to create a greater community feel among majors and minors, as well as nurture their budding love for physics. In addition we aim to make physics seem more cool and less intimidating to the overall student body. We seek to accomplish these goals by having events that bring current students closer together, and events that reach out and show what this rich subject has to offer to students who might otherwise have never had any interest in taking physics classes.
Students for Justice in Palestine Social Action Email Leadership SJP educates, organizes, and creates for the rights of Palestinians.Bowdoin Students for Justice in Palestine is an organization that promotes the self-determination of Palestinian people and their liberation from Occupation. The group works to educate both itself and the student body with regards to historical and political circumstances in Palestine while appreciating the interconnectedness of all struggles and opposing oppression in all forms.
The Bowdoin Babble Publication Email Leadership Babble: alternative magazine–stories, satire, art, editorial articles.We the Babbleonians form an alternative magazine/publication run on student brain power, short stories, wit, satire, interviews, editorials, and anything Bowdoin wants to be written about! We’re working towards integrating multimedia and online presences. A loose theme exists for each publication, which happens once a semester. Past themes include: Advice for Freshmen, Identity, and Bowdoin Then and Now. We are always ALWAYS looking for new voices and writing from all over the Bowdoin campus, for layout experts and photographers, for creative juices and for tongue-in-cheek, bitingly honest, satirical, AND serious work. All life experience accepted! Babble is new and young, but we aren’t naive–just publishing for the thrill of it, for the love of our collaborators, and for the entertainment and education of all members of the BoBo community.
The Bowdoin Longfellows Performing Arts Email Leadership All-male a cappella group performing classic and contemporary pieces.Our mission is to share our love of music with people both on and off the Bowdoin campus. We are an all-male a cappella group dedicated to singing high quality music that ranges from traditional choral arrangements to contemporary pop songs. In our history, we have performed with the Portland Symphony Orchestra, competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, and auditioned for (and just barely missed) NBC’s “The Sing-off.” Additionally, we perform on and off campus in a variety of events; we often tour from college to college as well as sing for alumni events for Bowdoin alums that make their return to campus. Most importantly, we hold ourselves to a high standard with regards to music and our personal conduct. We aim to be the utmost of gentleman while concurrently upholding our reputation as a high-caliber a cappella group.
The Bowdoin Globalist Publication Email Leadership Bowdoin’s global affairs magazine.The Bowdoin Globalist strives to provide an outlet for student writers on campus interested in global affairs, politics, social issues, science, economics and public health. The publication is released four times per academic year with a growing online presence. Writers convene once per week not only to work on their articles but also to discuss general topics of interest in global affairs. The organization offers leadership positions for students interested in the field of journalism, and we strive to start dialogue and raise questions about global issues to the Bowdoin community.
The Bowdoin Orient Publication Email Leadership Bowdoin’s student-run weekly newspaper.The Bowdoin Orient is a student-run weekly publication dedicated to providing news and information relevant to the College community. Editorially independent of the College and its administrators, the Orient pursues such content freely and thoroughly, following professional journalistic standards in writing and reporting. The Orient is committed to serving as an open forum for thoughtful and diverse discussion and debate on issues of interest to the College community.The paper has an on-campus distribution of over 2,000, and is mailed off-campus to several hundred subscribers. It is distributed free-of-charge at various locations on campus, including the student union, several classroom buildings, the admissions office, the dining halls, and the libraries. Published on Fridays, 24 times a year, the Orient is read by students and their families, faculty, staff, alumni, off-campus subscribers, prospective students, and campus visitors.
The Entertainment Board Music Email Leadership Plans entertaining and diverse acts for campus (including Ivies).The Bowdoin Entertainment Board is a service organization whose purpose is to bring entertaining and diverse acts to the Bowdoin College community with a focus on innovation, education and responsiveness to student demands.We the Campus Entertainment Officers (CEOs) believe that in selecting acts the Board should strive to maintain a balance between exposing students to new and eclectic ideas or performers and providing them with purely entertaining shows with up and coming artists. Given the ever- changing nature of the entertainment industry and student taste, the priorities of the Board should be re-evaluated regularly by its members.
The Improvabilities Performance Art Email Leadership We strive to improve our improvisational skills and bring entertainment to the Bowdoin community. We practice serious and humor-driven games and we give each other feedback. We have a show every month for the whole academic year—which are always very well attended—and hope to make students laugh.
The Meddiebempsters Music Email Leadership College’s oldest all-male a cappella group.Founded in 1937, the Bowdoin College Meddiebempsters is the third oldest collegiate a cappella group in the nation and a historic student group on campus. We share music with the campus, community, and other colleges.
The Quill Publication Email Leadership The Quill is Bowdoin’s oldest literary magazine.The Quill is Bowdoin’s oldest literary magazine. We’re open to any and all students interested in reading and assessing poetry, prose, and fine art. Over the course of the school year, we collect submissions from current students, faculty, and alumni and publish them in pamphlets and semester magazines on campus.
The Sex Project Other Email Leadership Peer sex educators promoting sexual health, safety, and enjoyment.The Sex Project is a student group dedicated to providing comprehensive, practical, and medically accurate sexual health education to the Bowdoin community by facilitating conversations about any and all aspects of sex and sexuality. As trained facilitators and informed peer advocates, we will strive to be inclusive, nonjudgmental, and compassionate in all of our one-on-one and group interactions. By providing critical knowledge and support around sexual health issues, we seek to ensure that every Bowdoin student can feel empowered in their choices and enjoy a happy, healthy sex life in college and beyond.
The Undiscussed Other Email Leadership Undiscussed organizes discussions groups each spring about identity.Our tag-line is “Breaking Barriers and Enabling Change Through Dialogue”. Every February, we bring groups of ten to twelve Bowdoin students together to discuss the good and bad about how their identity influences their Bowdoin experiences. In other words, what does it mean to be a soccer player at Bowdoin? Chem-free? From Memphis? Bisexual? Jewish? Latina? Receive financial aid? Our prompts are intentionally open to allow for each group to discuss the topics that matter the most to them. We rewrite our discussion guide each year, meaning you can participate again and again and have a new experience each time. The groups discuss openly discuss perspectives and personal experiences and consider the positives and the negatives of how identity manifests itself at Bowdoin.
Ursus Verses Music Email Leadership Co-ed a cappella that sings throwbacks, alternative music, and hits.A snippet from our website: “Although Ursus is closely related to the both the Longfellows and to Boka, it has evolved to occupy a narrow musical niche. Ursus has attached certain acoustical characteristics to their name and style which include but are not limited to: ridiculous electronic melodies, bold and compelling chord progressions, and perfectly blended harmonies that will enchant audiences throughout the greater Boston area.” We strive to sing and share music on campus and throughout town and tend to perform a mix of throwbacks, alternative tunes, and hits from today. Some years, we record and produce our own CD. We look to sing at campus events, have our own concerts, sing at more formal events, and also collaborate with a cappella groups from other schools.
Vague Dance Group Dance Email Leadership Audition-based jazz dance performance group.We are Bowdoin’s only student-run, audition-based jazz dance performance group. We hold auditions every fall, and form a group of 10-15 experienced dancers. We hope to create quality performances by incorporating jazz, modern, and lyrical styles. We rehearse bi-weekly and perform about 3 times a semester.
WBOR 91.1 FM Music Email Leadership WBOR is Bowdoin College’s student & community-operated radio station.WBOR 91.1 FM is Bowdoin College’s own student and community-operated radio station. We broadcast not only to the Midcoast Maine region, but to the entire world via real-time streaming audio on our website, WBOR strives to be an outlet for Bowdoin students and community members to express themselves in a welcoming community. In doing this, WBOR aspires to create quality, independent programming that represents the diversity of the Bowdoin community while providing a unique student-run alternative to standard commercial radio.Being a member of WBOR’s management staff implies considerable responsibility. This includes not only conducting your normal weekly show during your assigned programming slot, but attending weekly dinner meetings, meetings with other student organizations and Student Activities, and concerts! As a part of WBOR management, you are helping to keep the radio station functional, as well as provide an alternative musical option for all Bowdoin students. Management members are expected to attend to their duties as attentively as they would their coursework.
Women’s Club Lacrosse Club Sport Email Leadership A fun 7-10 game spring season.Club lacrosse is meant to be a fun way for people to stay active that is less committment than a varsity sport. It accepts all levels of talent and skill. We commit to a 7-10 game season in the spring at colleges/universities around New England.
Women’s Water Polo Club Sports Email Leadership Women’s Water Polo team competing with schools in the New England area.The Women’s Water Polo team promotes the health and happiness of Bowdoin women by creating a safe space to explore the fabulous sport of water polo (which may be new to many). Through weekly practices and multiple regional tournaments, we develop the teamwork and skills necessary to enhance a team that typically performs well at the league-wide level. We value a supportive team atmosphere, having fun, and learning to love a unique game. We accept all skill levels, and work hard to improve and include all athletic abilities. The Women’s Water Polo team fosters a familial relationship among its members that applies in and out of the pool.
Yellow Bike Club Other Email Leadership To provide bikes for transportation around campus.To provide an affordable means of communal transportation for the Bowdoin Community in a healthy and environmentally friendly (carbon-free) way, and in the process, help alleviate parking and traffic issues on campus and in Brunswick.