Club Leaders’ Manual

The Student Organizations Oversight Committee is the BSG committee tasked with guiding and supporting club life on campus. Paired with the Student Activities Office, we ensure that clubs are able to function easily and effectively. If you have any questions that aren’t answered below by the Manual or the Checklists, please don’t hesitate to contact SOOC Chair Emily Serwer.

If you’re looking for a quick reference to use while you’re planning an event or trip for your club, take a look at the Event Planning Checklist or Trip Planning Checklist below. Note that underlined text links to relevant websites for your convenience. For more in-depth support and information, please see the Club Leader’s Manual further down the page. Also note that you can find the official list of Club Rules and Regulations here; please be sure to reference these regularly to ensure that all planning goes smoothly.

Below you’ll find the Club Leaders’ Manual, a comprehensive guide that covers the necessary steps for planning any sort of event or purchase. Use the index below to access information on any given topic, but remember that the members of the SOOC and the staff in the Student Activities Office (located behind the Smith Union Information Desk) are always available if you need additional help of any kind.

• Reserving a Venue

• Getting Funded

• Accessing and Using Your Money

• Bringing a Performer or Lecturer to Campus

• Guest Transportation and Hospitality

• Dining Services

• Presentation and Sound

• Advertising


Reserving a Venue

Campus Spaces

To request the use of most campus spaces, complete the Campus Scheduling Reservation Form.  If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact the Campus Scheduler at 207-725-3421 or

Venue Work Orders

Facilities requests should be made when you are reserving your venue with the campus scheduler. Requests can include extra chairs, tables, trash cans, etc. If you have any strange requests, you can always check with a member of the Student Activities staff to see if Facilties has the means to accommodate you.

If there are any maintenance issues with your venue, you can place a work order.

Other Spaces

To reserve space in any of the College Houses, please contact that house’s Programming Director directly. An up-to-date list of these students can be found here or in the Office of Residential Life.

For the following spaces, please contact the person listed directly rather than the Campus Scheduler:

Safety and Security

If you are having an event in which there will be 100+ students in attendance, it is asked that you email Randy Nichols (, Carol Mcallister ( and with the following information: event name, event type, event location, event date, estimated attendance, sponsoring organization(s) and an on-site contact person so that they can prepare appropriately.

Student Activities Interns

If you believe you may need extra help at your event, come meet with a member of the Student Activities Staff. They may be able to assign students to work your event.


Getting Funded

The Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC)

Before requesting funding from the SAFC, you must be part of a charter I organization. Not part of a chartered organization? Get a charter!

Submitting a Budget

You can submit a budget online. For information on the process, please see How to Navigate the Funding Process, a guide to the SAFC written by the members themselves.


When organizations co-sponsor an event, one organization must be designated as the primary account that will be accessed for accounting purposes. This is the organization that should submit a budget to the SAFC. However, if one of the other sponsoring organizations runs on an operating budget, a Journal Voucher must be completed in order to transfer the funds from that operating budget into the primary account for the event.

Supplemental Sources

Departments: Relevant departments may be able to contribute to your event. If you are interested in this sort of funding, please contact a member of that department directly. In order to transfer funds from a department to a student organization’s account, a Journal Voucher must be completed.

The College Houses: In order to request money from a College House, please contact the house leadership directly. For an up-to-date list of these students, check this list.

The Class Councils: Relevant class councils may be able to contribute to your event. In order to request money from them, please contact a member of that council directly. For a list of these students, check the official list here under the “Class Councils” tab. In order to transfer funds from a class council to an organization’s account, a Journal Voucher must be completed.


Accessing and Using Your Money

Money appropriated to your organization is placed in your organization’s account. However, students do not have direct access to these accounts so you must use the following methods to access that money.

Cash Advances

If the funds in your account allow, you can obtain up to $200 in cash from the College in order to purchase items related to your event. If your group needs to obtain more than $200, multiple students must receive cash advances.

In order to obtain a cash advance, you must fill out an Advance Voucher in the Student Activities Office located behind the Smith Union information desk.

You will need the following information:

  • Name of the person receiving the funds and their telephone number
  • Department initiating the advance
  • Sponsoring organization and that organization’s account number
  • Amount of the advance
  • Brief description of the event
  • Payment request date

After you have completed the voucher and it has been signed by a member of the Student Activities Office, you must take the voucher to the Bursar’s Office on the 2nd floor of the McLellan Building (located by the train station) to receive the cash. Please note that once you receive the cash, you take responsiblity for it.

Within 10 days from receiving your cash advance, you must account for it in the Student Activities Office with receipts (all receipts must be itemized, non-itemized receipts will not be reimbursed), unused cash or a combination of the two. At this time, you will also be asked to complete a second portion of the original voucher.


Mindful of the funds in your organization’s account, you can also simply spend money and be reimbursed from that account.

In order to be reimbursed, you must fill out an Accounts Payable Voucher and include the appropriate receipts (all receipts must be itemized, non-itemized receipts will not be reimbursed). This form can be completed online or in the Student Activities Office. The completed voucher will need to be signed by a member of the Student Activities staff.

If the total amount of the reimbursement is less than $200, you can be reimbursed in cash by taking the authorized voucher to the Bursar’s Office on the 2nd floor of the McLellan Building (located by the train station). Reimbursements greater than $200, however, must be turned into the Student Activities Office and will be paid via check in the next pay cycle. If you have an active direct deposit arrangement for paychecks, the reimbursement will be deposited directly.

Student Activities Corporate Credit Card (for online purchases only)

If you are placing an order online, you can use the Student Activities Corporate Credit Card. In order to request use of the card, you must provide proof of funding approval (an email form the SAFC or other funding source would suffice) to the Student Activities staff.

If you are allowed to use the card, you can only use it within the Student Activites Office and the items ordered must be shipped to that office (not your SU box). Receipts must be printed on location and filed in the credit card folder with a note including the name of your organization and the amount on the printed receipts.

Wal-Mart Credit Card (for purchases at Wal-Mart only)

If your organization has received funding, you can check out the Wal-Mart card for a few hours. In order to do so, you simply need to request it in the Student Activities Office, sign it out and return it (accompanied with the appropriate receipts) by 5 PM on the same day.

Please note that the card is accompanied by a tax-exempt slip which must be given to the checker before he or she begins ringing up your items for purchase.


Bringing a Performer or Lecturer to Campus

If you are interested in bringing a performer to campus, please see the staff in the Student Activities Office.

Please bring to that meeting the following information:

  • Performer’s name
  • Agent’s name
  • Agent’s phone number
  • Agent’s fax number
  • Agent’s mailing address
  • Performer’s W-9 tax form
  • Performer’s tax ID number
  • Performer’s social security number

Below please find an overview of the processes which will ensue at or follow this meeting. Review them for your knowledge.

Formal Bidding

A formal bid is required when the offer of compensation from the College is a substantial sum, the performer is widely-desired and/or the performer or agency requests it.

The bid takes the form of a letter written on Bowdoin letterhead addressed to the performer and/or his or her agency that specifies what the College expects from the artist and what the artist can expect in return. This letter must be signed by a Program Advisor or the Director of Student Life.

Once a bid is submitted, the artist or agency has a designated window of time during which the artist can accept or reject the offer before it expires. If the bid is accepted, although it is non-binding, the agency agrees to hold the date for Bowdoin while the more complex contracting begins.


All guests to Bowdoin must enter into a contract with the College before they receive payment.

Bowdoin has two different contract templates which you can be edit, with the help of a Program Advisor, according to the nuances of your event:

  1. Performance Contract- This is a full-length contract used for most performers.
  2. Guest Performance Agreement- This is a more concise contract used for low-risk performers (lecturers, DJs, monologue actors, some instructors).

Your final contract must be signed by a Program Advisor or the Director of Student Life. A particularly “high-risk” contract will undergo several rounds of review taking approximately two weeks.

Your contract may be supplemented by similar documents drafted on behalf of the artist’s legal representation. When this occurs, make certain to check for conflicts between the two contracts and attempt to remove them. Regardless, make sure that the supplemental contract is stamped with a Subordination Clause which will make the Bowdoin contract superior in the legal realm.

Your contract may also be supplemented by a contract rider in which all the minutia of the show are negotiated including technical requirements and hospitality items. Once signed, the contract rider is a binding agreement.

Paying the Performer

In order to begin the payment process, you must fill out an Accounts Payable Voucher. You can do this with the help of a Program Advisor in the Student Activities Office. You will need the following information:

  • Signed Performance Contract or Guest Performance Agreement
  • Performer’s mailing address
  • Performer’s W-9 tax form
  • Performer’s tax ID number
  • Performer’s social security number
  • 6-digit project number for the sponsoring club or organization
  • SAFC funding approval

An Accounts Payable Voucher must be submitted to the Student Activities Office by 5 p.m. on Monday in order to be processed for check pick-up the following Thursday after 3 p.m.

If current Bowdoin students have been contracted for their services as DJs, graphic designers or instructors, an Invoice for Student DJ Services or Entertainment, an Invoice for Design Services or the Invoice for Instructors must be included with the Accounts Payable Voucher respectively.



Guest Transportation and Hospitality

Before making any official arrangements, please make sure that you have the necessary funding.


Air Travel: If the guest you are bringing to campus must arrive by plane, you should come by the Student Activities Office (located behind the Smith Union Information Desk) from 9 AM to 4 PM on Monday through Friday to speak with the Administrative Assistant. He or she will help you make these arrangements.

Bus Travel: If the guest you are bringing can arrive by bus, it is best if that guest makes their own arrangements according to their schedule. You should, however, communicate very clearly with the guest about their arrival time. You should inform he or she that they must retain their receipts to be reimubursed for their travel. They will be reimbursed in the form of a check sent via mail within 7 to 10 days.

Driving – Personal Vehicles: If the guest you are bringing will be driving him/herself, you should pre-arrange their travel expense reimbursement so that it is ready upon their arrival. In order to do this, you should establish where the guest will be leaving from and calculate on mapquest (or a similar site) the distance (in miles) from that location to Bowdon and back. Then, you should multiply that number by the Faculty/ Staff mileage reimbursement rate. This will give you the total reimbursement amount. In order to actually get your guest reimbursed, you must fill out an Accounts Payable Voucher.

Driving – Rented Vehicles: If the guest you are bringing will be renting a car, it is best if that guest makes their own travel arrangements and save all receipts associated with their travel. Once the guest has left, you should complete an Accounts Payable Voucher for them and attach all their receipts.


As soon as you receive funding for your event, you should arrange accomodations for your guests at local hotels. In order to do so, you should meet with the Administrative Assistant in the Student Activities Office who can get special rates at local hotels. Please be sure, however, to know the name of the performer or agent who will be staying in the hotel room before you come to this meeting as their name will be needed to hold the reservation. Also, please note that if you are reserving more than one room, multiple names will be necessary.


Guests with Contract Riders – Cash Buyout: The College can agree to provide a cash buyout instead of fufilling the food obligations of the rider. If the College agrees to do so (ask in the Student Activities Office), you should come fill out an Advance Voucher and provide your guest with local take out menus. Once your guest has recieved the cash, you must retain a receipt from them. This receipt can be made on any word processor but must be printed on Bowdoin letterhead. It should consist of a few sentences indicating the guest has received a particular sum of money for a particular purpose on the date received; the guest must sign and date the document.

Guests with or without Contract Riders – Regular Dining Services: If a guest wishes to eat at one of the regular dining halls, students can set up an accoutn with the cashier/ card checker using the sponsoring organization’s project number. It may be a good idea, however, to reserve a private dining room for guests (Hutchinson/ Pinette dining rooms in Thorne and the North/ South dining rooms in Moulton).

Guests with or without Contract Riders – Private Catering Services: Associate Director/ Executive Chef Ken Cardone (x3208; is the primary contact on all catering service requests. For more information, please see Dining Service’s Student Catering Guide.



Dining Services

Event Catering

Before planning your event, make sure you have a venue reserved. Also, make sure you know the following: the number of expected attendes, their ID numbers if applicable, the 6-digit project number of your organization, the start and end times of the event and the basic event layout.

Small events and deliveries: These events require a 2-week notice. In order to schedule one of these, download an order form, fill it out and turn it in to the Dining Services Office on the second floor of Thorne.

Large to complex events: These events require a 3 week notice and should be discussed in person with Ken Cardone. In order to schedule a meeting with Ken Cardone, please call x3208 or email

For more information about Dining Services, please see the Student Catering Guide.



Presentation and Sound

Minimal Technical Needs: Audio-Visual/ IT Equipment Services

In order to request things like microphones and projectors, you can just place a work order with IT Equiptment Services 7 days before your event. If you have any questions about what you will need or how to operate the equiptment, please email or call (207) 725-3612 to discuss these concerns with an AV Technician. These services are free.

Complex Technical Needs (anything beyond a PA system): Moonlighting Production Services

If you want to request a quote or service from Moonlighting, email Indicate in that email if you are requesting a quote (aka are preparing a budget for the SAFC) or requesting to move forward with arrangements (aka you have already received funding). Describe the event thoroughly, including the sponsoring organization, the date, the start and end times, the venue, the room set up, estimated attendance, specific technical needs, stage size, etc.

If you are working with Moonlighting, on the day of your event, you will need to provide them with extra assistance for load-in and load-out. You will also be responsible for providing their staff with food and water. You can set up a department charge sheet at the Pub, Cafe and C-store using your project number for this purpose or you can receive a cash advance or reimbursements if you will be taking orders for local restaurants.




Posters: When putting up any posters, please be sure not to place them on glass or painted surfaces – these will be taken down immediately by Housekeeping, and any damage done to surfaces will be charged to your club’s account.

Poster Designs: If you would like to have a poster designed by the BSG’s Poster Designer, please email a request to with the details of what information you need on the poster, any sort of dimensions, and any design ideas you’d like to see used. This service is free for all chartered clubs, but keep in mind that you do need to request funds from the SAFC to print the design.

Poster Copies: The copy center can print posters usually within 24 hours of their submission. The costs are as follows: Letter/ Black and White: $0.02; Letter/ Color: $0.15; 11×17/ Black and White: $0.04; 11×17/ Color: $0.20. In order to have a copies printed by the Copy Center, please submit an online work order or go to the Copy Center in the basement of Dudley Coe with a flash drive with the poster saved in doc, xls, ppt, pub, mdb or pdf form.

Table Tents: The copy center will cut and fold table tents if you include that information under special instructions when you order. Please note that you must clear your table tents with Dining if you want them to stay for longer than one meal.

Tabling: Your organization can arrange to have a table in Smith Union on a first-come, first-serve basis by talking to the staff in the Student Activites Office.

Mailings: The BSG, in line with a student survey on the matter, voted last year to ban student organizations from distributing mass mailings to the Smith Union boxes. However, if you have a specific group of students you would like to circulate mailings to you can still use this form of advertising. In order to do so, you must label each piece of mail with the student’s name and box number and turn them into the Mail Center. Please note that these advertisements must be at least 3.5 x 5 inches and that the Mail Center requires at least a week of prior notice. Also note that they will need your project number as your organization will be charged $5. These mailings will only be delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.