BSG Affairs Committee

Definition: The Bowdoin Student Government Affairs committee is responsible for organizing and supporting all activities of the Bowdoin Student Government. The Committee works to make sure the BSG runs smoothly and efficiently and general deals with issues revolving around the Constitution, elections, and data collection.

Past Accomplishments: In years past, the BSG Affairs Committee has revised the BSG constitution, restructured assembly meetings, rebranded the BSG according to graphic standards, recreated the BSG website and proposed changes to Class Council system.

Regular Responsibilities: The BSG Affairs Committee helps maintain a smooth functioning of the Bowdoin Student Government through membership oversight and the maintenance of the BSG Constitution, bylaws, budget and regular processes. The Committee also runs election and information sessions in both the Spring and the Fall, proposes important changes to the constitution, prepares meeting materials, keeps data on BSG attendance and organizes all BSG information for future usage.



  • Maintain the BSG’s social media presence
  • Seek feedback on the new BSG website


  • Bridge the divide between the BSG Assembly and the Class Councils
  • Increase the visibility of BSG on campus
  • Create a better division of responsibilities within Committees
  • Increase the communication between the student representatives to the Trustee and College Committees and the BSG Assembly
  • Clarify the BSG’s powers and responsibilities under the Constitution