Connected – A Photo Exhibition

We are all connected…

After much heated deliberation on the title and theme of our photo exhibition (we went from World Resolution, In the Name of Love, You & Me, In the Many Places, Outside my Window, to lots of arguing…), Nattawan, our VP, finally told us to stop getting overexcited and to stop arguing and reminded us that we are all “connected.” And just like that, we found our theme! Just kidding.

We chose “Connected” because we love hearing about other people’s experiences and hoped to create a space for the Bowdoin community to share some of their most prized memories. And photography is a way to achieve that goal! So we asked for people to send us pictures of their “happy places” and the result was the following: a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of fun.

We got pictures from wonderful scenery in a multitude of countries and from people and their loved ones; we received “Here are my friends and I love them” pictures and “This is me in front of this and that, in the snow and on the beach” pictures which were great. We love seeing where people have been, and more importantly that they enjoyed it. We also got pictures of a lonely dumpling, flowers, of various cute-yet-dangerous animals (aka tiger, and more importantly of a polar Bear – Go U Bears!!) and then also of cute-but-not-so-dangerous animals (aka fawns – so cute!). Students, alumni, staff, and faculty sent us over 200 pictures, taken in absolutely all sorts of places, in all kinds of weather, and of all sorts of things and you know what… they were all connected.

Conclusion: we got what we wanted and it’s been a blast putting it together for Parents Weekend. Everyone enjoyed the exhibition and saw places they now absolutely want to visit in the future. We officers bonded like never before while sticking pictures, fighting over coloured poster boards & double-sided tape and rescuing falling pictures. It’s been wonderful.

So Octavian and I want to say a big thank you to:

Nattawan Junboonta ’10, Chanwoong Baek ‘12, Youle Kang ‘11, John M. Mortelliti ‘13, Luoqian Peng ‘13, Champ Seritrakul ’11, to the Copy Center and the Student Activities Office and last, but not least, to all those who sent us pictures.

So here we are: Thank you!



Claire Leblanc ’10

iClub co-president

PS: Check out the Orient article on the exhibition at:

DSC_1716 DSC_1718 DSC_1719 DSC_1720 DSC_1722 DSC_1723 DSC_1725 DSC_1728 DSC_1729 DSC_1730 DSC_1731 DSC_1732
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  1. Bier says:

    Wow..seems like I-club getting awesome here. Way to go, guys!

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