Bobby Choi ’17



Born of a mothballed 90’s Meddie repopulation project, Bobby Choi is an unholy product of science resulting from the recombinant DNA of Michael Yang (’14) and Joe Galazka (’14), created to avert a doomsday scenario in which no one in the Meddies knows how to use Photoshop or likes Pokémon. Reprogrammed with artificial memories of childhood, Bobby remains blithely unaware of his origin story, which is why you’ll never get a straight answer if you ask him where he’s from.

Because of his specialized genetic engineering, Bobby occupies several niche roles in the Meddies. In his first year with the group, Bobby established himself as the one who would laugh at Andrew Cawley’s (’17) jokes, and by his second year, Bobby earned distinction as the only Meddie whom Max Middleton (’16) would hesitate to do harm unto.

At Bowdoin, Bobby is a film studies major with a minor in board games. He is currently composing an honors thesis in which he argues that the modern film industry is a cosmic struggle between good and evil, where evil is represented by Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, and good by The Wachowski Sisters’ 2008 Speed Racer adaptation.