Cole Burkhardt ’18



Hometown: Emigrant, Montana

Cole became a Meddie after he mistook the audition process for a cult initiation.  Still awaiting the mother ship and carefully monitoring his grief-stressors, he spends his days singing Baritone and trying to cut down on his 40 time.

Semi-proficient at Microsoft Word
Able to tell the difference between rocks and non-rocks with 83% accuracy
Able to turn on an oven
Being tall
Good at FIFA
Can walk places
Being QB of the Frosh Meddie football team

Particularly susceptible to the Brown Note
Once confused a baby with a rock
Unable to turn off an oven
Not being as tall as Will Tucker ‘14
Meticulously derailing any rehearsals where new parts are learned
Moving faster than a walking pace
Playing defense against all-time-all-star Meddie QB Connor Evans ‘16
Always living in the shadow of musically superior Baritones
Having more weaknesses than strengths