Devlin Shea ’18



Masquerading as a half-Vietnamese, half-irish child, Davin “Dav/Delvaughn/Devlin” Shea is an extremely endangered demi-dolphin hailing from Lake Michigan, fooling admissions teams, hunters, and a cappella groups alike with a cheery, amiable exterior and a well-crafted backstory, claiming the hometown of some place “just north of Chicago.”

This speedy swimmer is proud to be the only member of past, present or future Meddiebempsters unable to sing at or below middle C. Consequently, Davin understands his admittance into the group was equally the result of ‘group-sympathy,’ a term coined by the Meddiebempsters themselves, and the group’s desire to squash species-normativity.

Davin impresses his friends with lifelike impressions of Owen Wilson and former member Ben Haile, only because these two gentlemen happen to suffer from the same, tormenting demi-dolphin condition, which perceptive young Davin can recognize readily.

Ever since Davin chose to live amongst humans he has gradually, and successfully, suppressed the evidence of his aquatic cultural heritage; having made this sacrifice, Davin is riddled with guilt and cognitive dissonance that manifests in interesting ways. For instance, he undermines tradition by bleaching his khaki Meddie pants and spites his purebred human companions by feigning an inability to remember lyrics.

It is nothing short of a testament to the understanding, caring and sympathetic nature of the Meddiebempsters that Davin’s condition – and the accompanying quirkiness and rebelliousness – was lovingly accepted, and even cherished, by his fellow singing companions. To this day, he remains a grateful, dignified member of a group he only dreamed of entering when he visited campus as a demi-dolphin prospie in the year 2014.