Leo Levine ’17


Hometown: London, England

Leo Levine joined the Meddies because the rest of the group happened to like his curly hair; however as soon as he got into the group he shaved it off rendering him practically useless.

Pretending to be in a constant identity crisis concerning his nationality, Leo hides that he is in fact  a humanoid газорпазорп-уральцкий пелмень. His kind is known to be able to mimic noises of machine-like drums that Meddies call “perc” but little do they know that this is the humanoid газорпазорп-уральцкий пелмень’s mating call. Leo exclusively communicates in a strange hybrid accent leaving people confused and obliged to ask “wait, are you British?”

When he isn’t singing with his fellow Mateybempsters, Leo uses his tenor voice in his band “Have To Concentrate” (previously known as Gotta Focus), where they play a combination of Swedish polka, sounds of toast burning in a toaster and Tina Turner. This is to make sure they are “indie” enough. Other hobbies include putting fingers in those rewind-thingies on VHS tapes and rotating them clockwise.

Once described as “an idiot with a British accent”, the Meddies have changed that through their extensive repertoire of American barbershop songs; now Leo is just “an idiot”.