Myles Caldwell ’19


Hometown: Woodbridge, Connecticut

Still not quite sure how to sing, but doing it anyway, Myles boasts the deepest voice on Bowdoin’s campus. His large lungs allow him not only to hit low B’s but also run at decent speeds on the track and cross country teams. Already accustomed to Northeast weather, Myles is a “nutmegger” and hails from Connecticut. Musical since birth, legend has it his first word was piano, and that he started tickling the keys before he could walk.  An aspiring member of OVO, he is still waiting for Drake to sign him. For the time being, Myles is content with the sweet owl sticker on his laptop. In his free time, you can find him working on Ken Ken puzzles in the New York Times, hanging with his numerous friends, whistling very loudly, drinking too much milk, or sitting in silence waiting for his beard to eventually grow.