Sam Kyzivat ’18


Hometown: Simsbury, Connecticut

Sam Kyzivat ’18 was born at a Dave Matthews Band concert on the lawn under a full harvest moon. For the first eight years of his life, he wore the same tie-dye t-shirt. As a young child, Sam refused to drink anything other than green tea and kombucha, and for some reason his parents allowed this. He bounced between various instruments as a tween, finding a knack for the harp and oboe, but quickly stopped after realizing these instruments wouldn’t help him get into college. During high school Sam would only eat quinoa if it was in a cold salad, and was subsequently relentlessly teased by his peers. In choir class one day, Sam realized that every note he heard sung had a very unique and peculiar taste associated with it, and thus was promptly diagnosed with synesthesia. It was from this that his love of singing was born.

Sam hitchhiked to Bowdoin in the summer of 2014 for his pre-orientation trip, but first made a quick stop at Mexicali Blues in Portland. He was browsing their collection of healing crystals, when his mouth filled with the most wonderful taste: tofu steaks from Moulton. Sam spun around, bumping into a dream catcher, and saw Nikhil Dasgupta ’16 absentmindedly singing a song from his EP “Oh Madness” . The taste of Nikhil’s voice was like a drug for Sam, and he pledged to Nikhil right then and there that he would do anything to sing with him. Nikhil asked if he would eat a worm – Sam hesitated, but then said yes, so Nikhil let him into the group.

Sam now functions as the spiritual leader of the group, and occasionally leads everyone in breathing exercises and yoga at the beginning of rehearsal (before Connor Evans ’16 says something funny and distracts everyone, or Max Middleton ’16 throws a shoe and breaks a vibraphone).