The Rise of the Meddiebempsters

As the war came to a close, the Meddiebempsters’ notoriety grew by leaps and bounds. After a Glee Club tour to Washington D.C. in 1948 where the singers impressed the First Family, the Trumans invited the Meddies to take a USO tour of Europe for the first time. The tour was enormously successful and resulted in a full performance calendar for the 1948-1949 academic year. The Meddies had become a performing group of international note.

The boys from Bowdoin made frequent high-visibility appearances in the upcoming years, including a performance on “The Tex and Jinx Show,” after which the Meddies were offered a professional summer-long engagement in the Catskills. European tours also continued, as the Meddies were invited by the Department of Defense every summer from 1948 through 1955.

After another decade, the nine men of the 1965 Meddiebempsters were again invited for a sixty-five concert series over eight weeks, including impromptu performances for Russian Border Guards. All in all, “fifty-eight Meddiebempsters had the unparalleled opportunity over an eight-trip, eighteen-year period, to demonstrate on another continent those sounds which had made them justifiably famous in their own country.”

Meddie 70s and 80s