The Meddies Today

The most recent incarnations of the group have enjoyed small and large scale Meddie reunions (most notably the belated ‘70th Reunion in Fall 2008). The group has traveled once to South Korea, twice to California, once to Colby and Bates (surely an accident), and of course around their beautiful Maine home and the eastern seaboard. In recent years, they’ve also performed with such preeminent groups as the Tufts Beelzebubs and the Harvard Din and Tonics. They’ve even been invited to sing the national anthem in Fenway Park!

Meddies s

Today’s Meddiebempsters treasure their strong relationship with the group’s esteemed alumni and rich history. They still sport the navy coat and tie worn on the group’s original European tour, and strive to uphold (while updating and ruthlessly bowdlerizing) the Meddie’s classic tongue-in-cheek humor and beloved camaraderie.

Mood Indigo – Meddiebempsters 70th Reunion (2008)