Orientation Dates

Orientation Trips provide the first introduction to life at Bowdoin and are a great chance for first-year students to meet classmates, upper-class leaders, faculty, and staff members in a relaxed and informal setting. Orientation Trips are intended to help assist with the transition into Bowdoin life by providing an inclusive and welcoming small-group experience for all incoming students.
Bowdoin Orientation Trip

The first Orientation Trips went out late in the summer of 1982, when a small group of Bowdoin first-year students and a biology professor travelled to the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island in the Bay of Fundy to study local ecology. Due to the enthusiastic reports of the students’ experiences and their smooth transition into college life, Bowdoin established the Orientation Trip program, which has since evolved into a proud college tradition. In 2003, the McKeen Center for the Common Good began offering community immersion trips, allowing incoming first-years to gain a meaningful, early exposure to the surrounding communities. This year, we are excited that all first-year students will share a common introductory experience, whether taking part in the Bowdoin Science Experience or by participating in one of the many different experiences offered by the Bowdoin Outing Club (BOC) and the McKeen Center to explore the great state of Maine!

Bowdoin Orientation TripWhatever your interests and experience level, there’s a trip for you! The Outing Club offers a wide range of trips across Maine, including day hiking, backpacking, sailing, surfing, sea kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, biking, a wellness trip and more. The McKeen Center offers a variety of trips, including ones that work with rural Maine communities, native communities in Downeast Maine, underserved populations in the greater Brunswick area, and immigrants and refugees in various parts of the state.  In addition, some students will participate in the Bowdoin Science Experience.

We are so happy that all members of the incoming class will have a shared Orientation Trip experience before starting the on-campus Orientation activities.  We hope you have a wonderful summer and we look forward to meeting you in August!