A Brief Overview

Taiko Tweedle

Taiko Tweedle

We’re Changing Our Name!

Step back Bowdoin Taiko. Here comes Shirokuma Takio! What does that mean? Shirokuma means Polar Bear in Japanese. We found it only fitting that we call ourselves “Polarbear Taiko” considering there’s no word for Bowdoin in Japanese.

What is Taiko?

Taiko (meaning “drumming” or “a drum” in Japanese) is a performance art that involves beating drums (taiko) with large, drumsticks (bachi). The type of taiko played at Bowdoin, as well as most other groups around the world, is Kumi Daiko, or ‘ensemble drumming’, which involves beating drums (taiko) with cylindrical drumsticks (bachi) in the company of others performing coordinated movements (taikobaka).

Taiko is a performance art that actively involves the entire body.  The visual impact of the choreography, the sound of the drums and the feeling of the rhythmic patterns are equally important aspects of the complete performance. Taiko combines music and dance into a stunning audio-visual spectacle.