How to Anime Club 101

Let’s be honest. Club Leaders’ Manual is incredibly dense and a lot to sift through, especially when you’re busy with life and/or looking for something very specific to us, Anime Club. ‘Cause let’s face it, MOST of the stuff in here isn’t relevant to us. SO, here I’ve distilled everything into what we need and where to find those details. I present to you, How to Anime Club 101.

King Zweb (’19)
VP (2016 – Present)

Table of Contents:

Finances (pg.s 7, 9)

  • IMPORTANT FOR EVERYTHING: Project Code = 424403
  • Budgets must be submitted at least two weeks prior to an event, before midnight on Friday
    • i.e. Posters, snacks, ANIMAINE, Anime Boston
    • Try to order a bunch of Pocky or other snacks for the year. Then you don’t have to worry about always going back for reimbursements and submitting new budgets. Also, they auto-approve your budget if it’s just posters and snacks.
    • Get started on conventions early!
  • See Addendum A or BSG website
  • SAFC budget meetings: 5:30-8:00 PM, Mondays (they’ll let you know exactly when and where)
  • Accessing Money (pg. 9)
    • Student Activities Corporate Credit Card ==> convention registration, hotels, Pocky
    • Cash Advances ==> Food money, club dinner (“Banquet”)
      • See also pg. 313 on Conferences and Retreats

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Venue (pg. 14)

  • Just follow “Event” steps on Blink
  • Need project code
  • Reserve Searles 315 on Fridays, 8:00-11:00 pm as a recurring event

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College Vans (pg. 18) ==> Anime Boston and ANIMAINE; see also pg. 32

  • $30/day, use college-provided gas card; get one with an EZ pass for Anime Boston (for tolls!)
  • Range from 5, 7, and 12 passenger vans; MAKE SURE SOMEONE’S VAN CERTIFIED (ideally one of the officers)

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Dining Services (pg. 19)

  • Board Transfer ==> may be relevant for Anime Boston, but kinda seems cheap (like $3 a meal), so just rely on “Banquet” (pg. 33)

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Film Screenings (pg. 20)

  • Basically talk to Bowdoin Film Society or SAO about securing public performance rights. Otherwise, for club meetings there’s no need.

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  • 40 is the standard amount as of 2017-18. I think that’s about $8 or so (it used to be $12 for 60)
  • Locations:
    • 2 for each freshman brick ==> 16
    • 3 in Moulton
    • 3 in Thorne
    • 1-2 in each Academic building
    • 1-2 on each college house maybe
    • The rest in Smith Union
  • Online work order form or go to Copy Center w/ USB drive. Needs project code
  • PDF format
  • NOTE: college houses, dining halls, and freshman bricks have short turnover times. Don’t be disappointed when all your hard work taping posters winds up in the trash (recycling)

Here’s the designs we usually use (there’s 5) as a Google Drive link, cause apparently I can’t upload things bigger than 5 MB. I don’t actually know if this’ll let you download them if you only have View access.

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  • Contact David Israel ( or me or Google-sensei w/ questions
  • Also contact David Israel to make sure you have admin or edit power for the website. Usually good to have at least one of the officers as an admin (aka right now that’s me. Muahahahaha….*cough* ahem)
  • I might make a separate document/how-to on this. Maybe. Maybe over winter break.
  • Why maintain a website like this?
  • BASICALLY: Blink is weird. More importantly, it’s good/helpful to post the theme from the week as well as what was watched, how many episodes and how long each were (looking at you, Kara no Kyoukai “episodes”), and the other recommendations from the night. So that if anyone is curious about a different rec or wants to continue where they left off, they can.
  • Also, I usually like to put the trailer and the MyAnimeList description for what was watched. So people can get a sense of what they missed (shame on them).
  • I’ll be honest, I don’t actually know if people actually check the website. Maybe just dropping the link in the signature for the emails might pique people’s interest.

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Travel Lodging (pg. 33)

  • Book early for cheap hotels! Use Expedia
  • Budget: $110 per room per night (including tax  + fees); 4 people per room
  • Alex Haregot, our previous treasurer, sent me (King Zweb) the hotel information from last year as well as the budget. I’ll post that as soon as I’m not feeling lazy.

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Conferences and Retreats (pg. 33)

  • “Non-competitive conference” ==> $500 total for 12 members
  • Club retreat: one “Banquet” per academic year = club dinner = usually at Anime Boston = $10 per person
    • Note: people can supplement this with their own money
    • Note 2: I think we’ve done a cash advance for this in the past

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