Club Funding

The Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) is a branch of the BSG that provides funding for student organizations. This student-run committee allocates money from the Student Activities Fund to campus organizations including club sports, cultural organizations, college houses, etc. If you have already been allocated money, please see the “Accessing Your Money” section in the Club Leaders’ Manual for more information on how to use it. Keep in mind that only chartered organizations may request funding from the SAFC – if you’d like to charter an organization, please see Starting a New Club.

Budgeting Information

SAFC Guidelines (revised 2019)

If you’re interested in submitting a budget: The SAFC meets every Monday in the Chandler Room in HL. Above, you’ll find resources for creating budgets and understanding how the funding process works. First, refer to the “How to Navigate the Funding Process” section in the Club Leaders’ Manual, as it outlines the general rules and process for getting funding. Additionally, refer to the “Club Funding Guidelines” to get a better idea of how to construct specific types of budgets, e.g. budgets for concerts, budgets for traveling, budgets for bringing speakers, etc. You’ll also find the link to submit a budget electronically. Please be sure to submit budgets at least two weeks before the planned event, and by the Friday before the desired meeting.

If you have any questions, or would like any further support than what is provided here, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chair of the Treasury, Charlotte Hall.