Student Affairs Committee

Current Chair: Ryan Britt ’22

Definition: The Student Affairs committee works closely with a number of groups on campus to improve student life at Bowdoin. The committee will meet with administrators in the Health Center, Athletics Department, Residential Life, Counseling, and the division of Student Affairs as well as the student body to understand the ways BSG can make enhance the Bowdoin experience. After establishing a number of concrete issues that the committee would like to address, members will propose legislation that pertains specifically to student life at the College.

Past Accomplishments: In the past, the Student Affairs committee has worked on issues related to the chem-free housing option, helped with the coordination of Spring Gala and organized the “Uncommon Hour” lecture series.



  • Guiding and advising the first year class council.
  • Begin surveying students for “Uncommon Hour” speakers


  • Enhance the quality and diversity of weekend programming on campus.
  • Increase training for College House officers and strengthening the Inter-House Council