Additional Printing Money

Thanks to coordination between the BSG, Facilities, and the OneCard office, if you’ve found that your coursework requires printing a lot of readings, you may request additional free prints by emailing!

Please be mindful that the printing allocation system was implemented to reduce waste and promote sustainability, but we also understand that sometimes it sticks better in your brain if you physically highlight.

When requesting additional pages, please include the following information:

1. Your current printing balance;
2. A list of which classes you are taking;
3. An estimate, per class, of how many double-sided pages you need to print for the remainder of the semester.

OneCard staff will follow up on your request to ask for more information if needed, or provide a decision on additional prints. The allocation is intended for academic purposes only. Additional print allocation credits are typically capped at 250 double-sided pages. Requests will not be approved during the first six weeks of a semester, nor will requests for additional prints be considered until a student reaches $5.00 in remaining allocation balance.