First established in 2011 by students Kristin Hanczor and Alex Tougas, the Green Athletics Club has grown to become a prominent promotor of campus sustainability initiatives. With a focus on “greening” the Athletics Department, the club works to improve efficiency measures in athletic facilities and works with teams to remind them of how small changes to their team’s operations can have a big impact for the campus as well as for the community.

Inspired by the direction of the nation wide collegiate athletics greening movement and the greening of professional athletics programs, Green Athletics aims to bring innovative and effective sustainability measures to campus. The club’s various projects support Bowdoin’s Carbon Neutrality by 2020 initiative.

In the spring of 2014, Green Athletics obtained a club charter, and beginning in the fall of 2014, it plans to roll out the Efficiency Initiative, a season-long inter-team efficiency challenge instituted by the Athletics Department and facilitated and monitored by Green Athletics. To stay attune to the teams’ progress, check out this link.

Thank you to the Athletics Department, the SAFC, our volunteers and our athletes who believe in our mission and who are helping us achieve our goals!

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