Western Foothills

Students will engage with the complex issue of rural food insecurity and the economic consequences of deindustrialization in the foothills of western Maine. Trip participants will harvest, clean, and sort crops with community farms like Gardeners Growing Healthy Communities and the Allan Day Community Garden, both of which help people who are low income access fresh produce.  Additionally, students will spend a day working at the Woodstock Historical Society, and will have opportunities to explore and learn about the White Mountain region by hiking and canoeing, as well as visiting the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum. Note: Students will sleep outdoors in tents and cook outdoors, but will have access to showers.

Packing List

If there is anything that is in the packing list that you have questions about, please do not hesitate to contact Praise Hall ’20, Community Immersion Trip Coordinator at (207) 798-4194 or mcKeenOtrips@bowdoin.edu.