Peer Health Perspectives!

Thinking about applying to Peer Health? Interested in learning more about what we do? Members Erin, Anna, Omar, and Tim have some thoughts to share about their own experiences as a part of Peer Health at Bowdoin!

Erin Houlihan, 2017, major: EOS

Anna Morton, 2015, major: English, minor: Theater

Omar Sohail, 2015, major: Religion, minor: Chemistry minor‬

Tim Coston, 2017, major: EOS and Physics

What is your favorite thing about being a member of Peer Health?
Erin: My favorite thing about Peer Health is being part of a welcoming, enthusiastic, and accepting group on campus, while learning new skills, creating a variety of programs, and getting to know first-years through the Peer 2 Peer Program.
Anna: My favorite thing about being a member of Peer Health has been getting to know all of the other amazing people in the group.
Omar: Having a weekly space to have intimate conversations with some of the most caring people on campus. Plus, getting to see Whitney at least weekly.‬
Tim: My favorite thing about being a member of peer health is the great support group that comes along with being a member. Our weekly meetings are always a great refresher and a wonderful way to connect with peers in a completely different way.

What was something you learned while on Peer Health?
Erin: I learned motivational interviewing skills and gained a variety of perspectives and stories from my peers.
Anna: Peer Health has taught me that sometimes the most helpful thing you can do for another person is just to listen to them.
Omar: That’s a tough question…I’d say how to listen. How to truly listen to what someone is saying, even if you don’t agree with what he/she is saying or you don’t know how to respond. ‬
Tim: The biggest thing that I have learned while on Peer Health is that everybody’s personal history is always so much more complex and surprising than you could ever imagine.

What health topic are you most passionate about?
Erin: Mental Health including self-care and mindfulness.
Anna: The health topic that I am most passionate about self-care and wellness. I think these are practices that are especially important to promote on a college campus.
Omar: I’m most passionate about anxiety and how Bowdoin culture sometimes promotes anxiety. I like talking about mindfulness, exercise, and food. Mostly food.‬
Tim: I am most interested in mental health at Bowdoin. I believe that it is something that is really under the radar but affects a greater proportion of the student body than most students realize.

Applications have been emailed school-wide, so check your inboxes to find the link! If you have any questions or would like more information, please email Kendall Carpenter ’15 (