About Peer Health

Peer Health is a group of students that work to improve the health and wellness of their Bowdoin peers through outreach and education.

We create, develop, and coordinate health and wellness events dealing with everything from sleep and stress to sex and relationships.

Staying healthy on any college campus is difficult.  Hundreds of students living in close proximity to one another are bound to create the perfect atmosphere for germs to spread.  Our site is here to keep you updated with healthy happenings on campus and provide you with helpful resources.  Between various links and our weekly blog posts, we hope you take advantage of all our site has to offer – you’ll be the first to know when our Plan B days will be and what will be at the Health Fair this February.

Peer Health acts as a resource for your health and wellness questions, disseminating accurate information as well as connecting students/faculty/staff to the Health Center, Counseling, ResLife, and more.  Some things we do:

  • facilitate drinking culture discussions with First Years
  • motivational interviewing with First Years
  • promote and provide ways to destress during finals
  • host free Plan B days
  • help out with planning Date Week
  • organize health fairs on campus