Healthy Alumni

How do Polar Bears spread their healthy ways after graduation?  Here are some:

Every fall, freshmen at Bowdoin are invited to Speak About It, a series of skits written by two Bowdoin alumni.  In their words, Speak About It is “a combination of humorous yet provocative skits, interactive dialogue, and powerful monologues performed by five highly trained sexual assault peer educators.”  It is about the “wisdom of an array of mistakes, misfortunes, successes, and perspectives: a compilation of true stories that captures what healthy sex can and should look like, and how to spark dialogues about it.”  Check out their site to learn more!

Alumni Julia Bond ’09 blogs her way to better sex with It’s Not That Weird.  As the blog describes, It’s Not That Weird is “an attitude that was born when a prone-to-oversharing college student realized how much people enjoyed talking about their sex lives and how few opportunities there were to do so.”  Well, the blog is the perfect mix of laughter and insight that affirm the following: sex is often complicated, messy, challenging, awkward, but also fun.   Check out her blog for answers to your sex questions.