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Wellness Wednesday: Sitting

Now that it’s summer, a good portion of current Bowdoin students, as well as alumni, are probably scattered around the country and the globe for that matter.  Some are probably enjoying their first college summer, others traveling, and a good portion sitting at desks in cubicles staring at a computer.

If you’re one of the gazillion people sitting a lot this summer, these articles from the Miami Herald and the US News and World Report might be of note to you!  Basically, there’s been increasing evidence that “prolonged periods of inactivity – best described as sitting a lot – is unhealthy.”  Several studies claim that sitting for 6+ hours a day can lead to higher death rates.  Of course, it might not be possible to stand all day, but it is important to move and stretch just about every 30 minutes throughout your day.  Here are some tips:

  • On your lunch break, take a walk outside.  The fresh air and sun is a nice change from a computer screen.
  • When you need to chat with a coworker, go to their desk!  While it might be helpful to call or email when you’re swamped with work, your body will appreciate the walk even if it’s right next door.
  • Get up and stretch.  Your back will love these stretches!
  • Try the bathroom downstairs (or upstairs) instead of the closest one.  And take the stairs to it!

Hope you are staying polar bear healthy this break.