Editors-in-chief: Rachael Allen ’18, Victoria Anne Lowrie ’18                                           Layout Editor: Martin Krzywy ’16                                                                                        Assistant Layout Editor: Sarah Drumm ’18                                                                     Treasurer & Distribution Manager: Caleb Gordon ’18                                                     Publicity Manager: Sarah Jane Weill ’18

Editorial Board (fall 2015):
Hassaan Mirza ’17
Jake Reiben ’17
Carly Berlin ’18
Mac Brower ’18
Natalie Edwards ’18
Ben Torda ’18

The Quill’s staff is comprised of students, with officers elected on an annual basis. Our faculty advisor is Professor David Collings. Officer positions are described below:

  • Editors-in-chief (2): prepare creative activities for weekly meetings, direct and assigntasks to other officers, coordinate with local publisher to publish final magazine, brainstorm new project and publication possibilities, manage quill email account, do anything that doesn’t get done by someone else (editors-in-chief should expect to take part in all of the tasks listed below, in addition to their own tasks)
  • Treasurer (1): work with editors-in-chief to estimate and request funds from the SAFC, occasionally attend SAFC meeting to defend our need for funds
  • Publicity Manager (1): update Facebook, Twitter and website, solicit submissions, design and put up posters
  • Layout Editor (1): use inDesign to lay out semester magazine, potentially lay out other, smaller publications at other points during the year (the assistant layout editor from the previous year gets preference for this position)
  • Assistant Layout Editor (1): attend layout sessions each semester to learn how to use inDesign
  • Distribution Manager (1): decide where magazines should be distributed and make sure they get there, coordinate with the Smith Union info desk to secure tables for tabling