Preliminary Testrun for Website

Hey! This is a “hot turkey” run of some changes to the website. Be sure to inform us if anything isn’t working just right.

New features include:

  • Excessive numbers of backend improvements
  • Playlists page: Search through programs rather than navigating a list of every one. NOTE: backend improvements mean that you will only be able to find plays charted after 1AM, December 6 2012 (when this version rolled out)
  • Program page: Top artists are sorted and a bar graph shows relative playcounts
  • DJs & MGMT: Improvements to editing DJs and Programs, including the ability to add Djs directly to programs (even while creating them!)
  • MGMT: Search Programs and Djs to edit rather than scrolling through a list of each and every one
  • DJs: Program slugs are now automatically slugified, in order to squash bugs relating to people choosing slugs that were not URL-valid
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