Join the YBC

Who can join the Yellow Bike Club?

The Yellow Bike Club is open to students and faculty/staff of Bowdoin College.

How do I join the Yellow Bike Club?

Please fill out this lottery form. Once selected, members will pay $30* and sign the YBC contract. After completing this process, members can pick up a bike from the YBC shed next to Helmreich House. Please note that you must provide your own helmet and that we will not rent to anyone without a helmet at time of pickup.

*For the Spring of 2022, this fee is waived.

If I couldn’t get a bike in the Fall, will I have priority in the Spring?

Yes. In the Spring, we will prioritize people who requested a bike in the Fall but could not get one. The remaining bikes will be distributed via lottery.

How much do memberships cost?

Memberships cost $30* per semester, payable at the Smith Union Info Desk (please bring the receipt) or in cash upon pickup. If the due presents a financial burden, we do provide waivers.

*For the Spring of 2022, this fee is waived.

When do bikes get released/recalled?

Bikes will be released in weekly rounds at the beginning of each semester. For example, Round 1 might be released in Week 2 of the semester and include 20 bikes, followed by Round 2 with another 20 bikes, and so on. This is to ensure enough time to inspect and maintain bikes before renting them out. We used to release all bikes at once, but this meant a huge crunch and not enough time for proper maintenance, so we have since switched to releasing bikes over several weeks to flatten the curve.

Bikes will be recalled in rounds at the end of the semester. For fairness, bikes released earlier will also be recalled earlier.

In addition, bikes will be recalled for mid-semester checkups to lubricate chains and tighten brakes. We may also add upgrades during this time. Your bike will be recalled for a checkup about a month after you get it.

If you have further questions, please email us at