The Bowdoin Student Government Assembly

We are the democratically-elected, autonomous body of students that advocate for the student body through issue engagement, programming, and services. Our powers and responsibilities are provided to us by our student-ratified Constitution and Bylaws.

General Assembly

The assembly consists of between 25 to 35 students in the following composition:
  • 7 Executive Committee Members (President and 6 Functional Area Vice Presidents)
  • 8 Class Representatives (2 per class)
  • 8 At-Large Representatives (6 appointed, 2 elected)
  • 5 Special Interest Liaisons representing: Inter-House Council, Entertainment Board, Multicultural Coalition, Athletic Council, McKeen Center for the Common Good
  • Director of Programming, Operations & Communications
  • Secretary
The BSG has five primary branches, each with a committee chaired by a member of the Executive Committee. Members of the BSG Assembly serve on any one of the committees, excluding the SAFC, in addition to serving on the assembly.  These committees include Academic Affairs Committee, Facilities and Sustainability Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC), and the Student Organizations Oversight Committee.  Learn more about these groups by clicking on the “Our Committees” tab above. 

Class Councils

    Class Councils organize programming to help promote the social and structural unity within each class. There are five members in each Class Council: President, Vice President, Treasurer, 2 BSG Representatives​

    While the entire Student Body elects the BSG Assembly to advocate on its behalf, each class elects its own Class Council. Those interested in working for their class, planning events, and promoting class unity should definitely consider a position on their Class Council. In addition to serving on the class council, several positions also serve on other committees on campus. The Vice President sits as a member of the Campus Entertainment Board, while the Treasurer serves as a member of the Student Activities Funding Committee. Lastly, the BSG Representatives sit on both their Class Council and the BSG Assembly.