Mar 26 2012

Inaugurating the Uncommon Hour Series

What is ‘Uncommon Hour’?

“Uncommon Hour” is a new lecture series featuring Bowdoin’s greatest intellectual minds. Students get to nominate the professors they’d like to hear from, and each of these professors will get 18 minutes to share their greatest ideas with the Bowdoin community.

Why do professors only get 18 minutes?

“Uncommon Hour” is inspired by TEDTalks, which pioneered these short presentations, limiting each speaker to 18 minutes: long enough to get the point across and short enough to hold people’s attention, leaving people wanting to learn more.

When/where will this program take place?

Each event will begin at 12:30pm on the Fridays without a Common Hour program. The first event is set to place on Friday, 2 March in the Hubbard Hall – Shannon Room. Every event will feature one Bowdoin professor.

How do I nominate professors?

BSG will be taking nominations from Monday, 20 February to Saturday, 25 February. Stations will be set up all week in Smith Union, Moulton Union, and Thorne Hall, and voting will also take place online at You may nominate up to three professors.