First Match of the Season vs. Maine Orno

On September 30th the Polar Bears took on the UMaine Orono Black Bears in an epic showdown. The match featured dramatic doubles, spectacular singles, and magnificent mixed. Bowdoin had a clean sweep, winning over 15 matches. All in all, it was a fun day with great sportsmanship. We look forward to seeing UMaine at Sectionals in a short 10 days.


Thanks to Natasha Alvarez, Hailey Blain, Allison Wei, Sam Honegger, Rebecca Londoner, Ryan Powell, Diana Grandas, Andrew Raisner, Dave Peck, Jack O ‘Connor, and our fans.


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Colby Round-Robin Match Recap 2016








Bowdoin Club Tennis traveled an hour north to Colby College for a round-robin of sorts in late October. The team won against UMaine Orono and UMaine Farmington and lost against Thomas College’s varsity mens tennis team.

Thanks to Kate Paulsen, Abigail Gurgiolo, Diana Grandas, Drew Clark, Andrew Raisner, Allison Wei, Natasha Belsky, Natasha Alvarez, Allie Briggs, and Tom Regan for competing!

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Sectionals 2016 Recap


{Back Row: Andrew Phillips, Sam Maddox, Eric Hall, David Steiner. Front Row: Natasha Alvarez, Allison Wei, Nicole Sadowsky, Allie Briggs, Hailey Blain}

Bowdoin Club Tennis traveled to Boston to compete in the annual USTA New England Sectionals Tournament this past weekend.

Despite the rain, Bowdoin still managed to play against four different teams.

In the first round, Bowdoin played a tight match against UVM and lost 24-23 (in total games played). Later on Saturday, Bowdoin triumphed against Lasell College. On Sunday, Bowdoin lost to UNH 23-16 and won against UMaine Orono 25-19.

Go Polar Bears!


{squad up}

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Spring 2016 Season Recap

Bowdoin hosted UMaine Farmington and UMaine Orono in scrimmage matches in April. The Polar Bears triumphed against UMaine Farmington 6-3 and went down 7-9 against UMaine Orono.

This season was especially sentimental because Andrew Haeger and Noah Finberg are graduating in the spring. We’ll miss you guys!

Thanks to Natasha Alvarez, Allie Briggs, David Brody, Spencer Shagoury, Drew Fernandez, Reed Fernandez, Emily Licholai, Ethan Barkalow, Evie Mackenzie, Hailey Blaine, Adrian Van der Eb, Andrew Blunt, Andrew Phillips, Nicole Sadowsky, Greg Maslak, Andrew Haeger, Noah Finberg, Thomas Weisener, Kate Paulsen, Allison Wei, Sam Kyzivat, Zoe Wood, and Calvin Henry.

In addition, thank you so all our supporters and fans! We really appreciate you cheering us on!

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Spring 2015 Season Recap

Bowdoin Club Tennis had a great spring season. Despite the long winter, which cut into court time in the spring, both new and returning members found ways to get out and play tennis, whether it was during designated practice times or through match play.

The Polar Bears competed against two teams, and were victorious in both matches. Bowdoin won 3-2 against UVM and 11-2 against UMaine.

Thanks to Ryan Powell, Hailey Blain, Zoe Wood, Sam Kyzivat, Noah Finberg, Andrew Haeger, Thomas Wiesner, Spencer Shagoury, Reed Fernandez, David Brody, Kate Paulsen, Allie Briggs, Allison Wei, Ethan Barkalow, Max Miao, and Nicole Sadowsky for participating.


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Bronze Bracket Champs – Sectionals 2014

Bowdoin Club Tennis traveled to Boston this weekend to compete in Sectionals.

Bowdoin played in the bronze bracket and triumphed over CCSU in the finals.

{Back Row: Dave Peck, Greg Maslak, David Brody, Sam Kyzivat, Noah Finberg.            Front Row: Nicole Sadowsky, Allie Briggs, Kate Paulsen, Zoe Wood, Hailey Blain}

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