About this Site (This is not a complete list of Bowdoin Student Organizations)

This is not a complete list of Bowdoin Student Organizations

A full list of current student organizations (the ones without websites, too) can be found at:

This site students.bowdoin.edu is the host for official student organizations of Bowdoin College. Organizations may request a site if they have funding through Student Activities.

You will require little knowledge of web technology to update and manage your site at students.bowdoin.edu. The popular content management and blog software, WordPress, is the tool used to manage these sites. It’s about as simple as filling in a form.

You should however prepare by thinking of what sections and features your web site requires.

If you are interested in this service for your official student organization please send a message to David Israel at [email protected]

Other Notes:

  • Your site address will be a logical, web friendly version of your organization name, e.g., students.bowdoin.edu/organization-name/
  • Have more than one person contributing content? We can create up to three accounts for your site.
  • You must post under your real name, e.g., Henry Longfellow ’25
  • If the site is not updated for more than one year we may archive it and turn it off.
  • This installation uses WordPress MU (multi-user Network) so you will not have the same level of customization or freedom as a stand alone version of WordPress.
  • We can sometimes install and evaluate plugins suitable for WordPress MU.
  • We can sometimes install a theme if we don’t already have it.