Become a BOKAN

Do you sing?
Do you like singing acappella/would like to try singing acappella?
Do you like being friends with awesome, hilarious and talented people?
If you said yes to any of the above, you should audition for BOKA!
This upcoming year (Fall 2017), we are looking to take several new members, and we plan on becoming at least 30 strong by 2018*.
We want to see you and the more auditions you do in your life, the better you will become at it!

Auditions will be widely announced in the fall of 2017, and there will be an all-acappella recruitment concert where you can get a taste of what each group is like/just listen to our dulcet tones. This is usually held in the Chapel, which has limited seating so get there early!

The recruitment concert date this year (2017) was scheduled for Friday, September 8.
Auditions took place the week of September 11, and new members were determined by the end of the week.

For more information, any aca-member is willing to tell you all you need to know about the aca-scene here at Bowdoin.

Want to audition but afraid of the time commitment?
Fret not, darling. If we want you, we will try our best to accommodate your schedule. In the beginning of the year, we will meet and figure out the best rehearsal dates from there. We understand. We’re all crazy people who joined way too many activities and sports and clubs and have exams and papers and also need to sleep.

There is no harm in trying out for something! If you’re on the fence, GO FOR IT!
We want to see and hear you and be your friend.
Hope to see you in the fall!