Begin Again!

It’s been a hot second since we have posted, but school has started up again and we have officially gained four new BOKA babes this year!

Marianne, Camila, Zakir and Emma, CONGRATULATIONS on getting into BOKA! We are so happy you have joined our singing family and we hope that you are too!

The end, the end, the end, that’s all…

Time continues to slip through our fingers faster than we would like. Last night was the final all-acappella show, with a great turnout and us bringing back our Canadian tuxedos.  We began (what we hope to become a tradition) with some song improv, followed by our classic “Siya Humba”.
We sang Pillowtalk (Zayn) and Swimming (Florence + the Machine).
We had a great time.

Some closing remarks for the year:
– Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the audience members at every concert! We get our energy from you.
– Thank you to all the venues that asked us to sing for them (Relay for Life, Scholarship Luncheon, WRC, Admissions and more!)
– Next year will be crazy as all of our juniors are going abroad at some point! Keeping up-to-date with BOKA will be tough, but we’ll try our best.
– Needless to say, we will miss our seniors like mad. They have made serious impact in the group and it will be impossible to replace them next year.
– Following that… we are so excited to hear some fresh pipes in the fall! Keep eyes peeled for posters for the recruitment concert and auditions in September.

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Senior Concert

Last Sunday was our Senior Concert. All the seniors got to sing their chosen solos, and we said some words about them before they sang to show them how much we appreciate and how we will miss them.  Also, all the members of BOKA who are currently on hiatus came to watch!
We love our BOKA family. <3

Boka senior concert 2016
BOKA after the senior concert. Featuring members on hiatus: Jono, Kyra, Hannah and Collin.

Accepted Students Weekend

Two days into Accepted Students weekend and we’ve performed four times already! On Thursday we sang at Helmrich House, then the Chapel. Yesterday we sang at MacMillan House and again at Relay For Life! It’s been a pretty hectic start to the weekend, but it’s still going! Our next performance will be next week with Miscellania!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on being accepted, we hope you enjoy your time here!

Canadian Tuxedos

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our first MeddieBOKsters concert last night! The Meddies were amazing as always, debuting a senior solo (Feelin’ Good, opb Nina Simone), arranged by a member of BOKA!

We busted out our best denim-on-denim and debuted a new senior solo (Rehab, opb Amy Winehouse, soloist Zac Watson ’16) and a new song (Pillowtalk, opb Zayn Malik, soloists: Isabel Udell ’19 and Amber Barksdale ’18).

Our next concert will be next weekend for Admitted Students weekend!

Upcoming Concerts

BOKA is teaming up with the Meddiebempsters for a concert next Thursday, April 7!
We will be debuting another senior solo, and possibly another surprise song.

We will also be singing with Miscellania in a few weeks, some keep your eyes out for a facebook event.

Check out the MeddieBOKsters facebook event here!


Last night’s concert went great! There was a great turnout and the Manic Optimists were amazing!
Thanks everyone for coming to support us and Ursus and for giving a group from Bates a chance 🙂

Thanks to Isaac for coordinating with his brother to help bring ManOps to Bowdoin!
Videos from the concert will be up soon.
That’s all for now until after Spring Break, see you in a few weeks!


A little late to report – but the recordings BOKA made throughout last year at The Studio (Portland, ME) have finally arrived and live in a folder in Dropbox. If you would like to hear these recordings, email one or both of our fearless leaders:

[email protected]
Zac Watson ’16 – Business Manager

[email protected]
Hallie Schaeffer ’16 – Musical Director