Begin again!

The insects are buzzing, Moulton is getting busier, packages are arriving, acorns are all over the ground – and don’t forget the squirrels first-years running around everywhere!
Sounds like a new fall semester at Bowdoin… and with that, a batch of singers eager to hear what Bowdoin has to offer in the way of acapella.

The recruitment concert is at the end of next week, and auditions are soon to follow.
Warm up those golden pipes of yours and show us what you’ve got!

The end.

Thank you, everyone who was a member of our audience anytime during this whole year, and at last night’s concert. You make our time on stage enjoyable with your cheering!
We will miss our only senior greatly, and fall will also cause some rising juniors to go abroad, but are very excited to have three people returning from their semester/year abroad and to audition some fresh blood.
We have two more events before our year officially closes: recording tomorrow (Happy Mother’s Day!), and our final BOKA-Q.
Thank you once again and the next post will hopefully be as Fall 2015 kicks off with some impressive auditions!!

Spring Finale

Classes ended today, end of semester has finally come!
As the groups all give smashing senior concerts, we will all gather together once more for the all-acapella spring finale concert.
Friday May 8, 8:30 pm in Pickard Theater.

Hope to see you there, and good luck on your finals!


…for Chris, our only senior 🙁

Technically, we have one more performance left, but tonight was our last BOKA-only concert for this year.
It went swimmingly, thanks to the huge crowd that showed up!!
For those of you that missed it, videos were recorded.

Set List:
1. Beyonce Medley. Soloists: Zac Watson ’16, Jeonguk Choi ’18, Chris Genco ’15, Amber Barksdale ’18. Arr. Amber Barksdale ’18.
2. Dance With Somebody. Soloist: Sheki Pettway ’18.
3. Your Love is My Drug. Soloist: Savannah Horton ’17. Arr. Daniel Jeong, ’12.
4. Reflections. Soloist: Caroline Montag ’17. Arr. Amber Barksdale ’18.
5. Welcome Home, Son. Soloists: Alix Pupo ’18 and Liam Finnerty ’17. Arr. Amber Barksdale ’18.
6. Never Forget You. Soloist: Hannah Hirshfeld ’18. Arr. Amber Barksdale ’18.
Speech by Zac about Chris and how much we will miss him 🙁
7. Somebody to Love. Soloist: Chris Genco ’15. Arr. Chris Genco ’15.




  • Some miscellani(a)ous items:
    Video for Reflections is up!
  • Video for Somebody to Love was filmed last night!
  • The CD from BOKA of the past arrived with an alumni last night as well. Check out this cover:

CD cover

1. Lollipop – arr. Ally Kuriloff
2. Many the Miles – Meghan Marr, arr. Sam Waterbury
3. Love Song for No One – Helen Conaghan, arr. Daniel Jeong
4. Chariot – Edward Gottfried, arr. Daniel Jeong
5. Your Ex-Lover is Dead – Tim Poulin, Molly Randall, arr. Nick Riker
6. Before He Cheats – Allie Foradas, arr. Jessie Furguson
7. Your Love is My Drug – Lily Rudd, arr. Daniel Jeong
8. I’m Yours – Daniel Jeong, arr. Allie Foradas
9. Love Story – Emily Graham, arr. Daniel Jeong

Next Week

Next week, while we’re recuperating from Ivies, we have three performances lined up.
Next week, all we’ll be thinking about is how we are a week away from end of semester.
Next week is your last chance to see us sing through our sick song lineup.

Thanks everyone who came out to watch us at the Earth Day celebration and heard our debut of the Beyoncé medley!

Forever Busy

As Bowdoin Experience weekend comes to a close, we just want to say thanks to those who came out to watch us (and eat the delicious Indian food)! We hope you enjoyed the performance and the rest of your stay.
LOL but we’re not done.

This is where we’re all at right now:

this paper is a masterpiece

A couple more performances and two more songs to learn away from the final concert.

End of semester is dawning.

Admitted Students Weekend

Congratulations to all the members of the class of 2019 who got a “yes” from Bowdoin!
Bowdoin Experience/Admitted Students weekend is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and boy is that weekend seriously packed with stuff. No worries, BOKA is definitely involved in the fun.
If you are a prospective student creepin’ around on the acapella pages, here are our performance times:

Thursday April 16 – 5:30 at Quinby.
Thursday April 16 – 7 at the Chapel. (Get there early. It’ll be packed.)
Friday April 17 – 8:30 at Relay for Life.

Congratulations once again and we hope to see you that weekend, if you can make time in your busy visiting schedule!


Great Success!

Thank you again to everyone who came out last night for BOKA and Ursus Verses!
You guys were a crazy awesome audience and we really appreciated the energy!
There will be pictures and videos up very soon for those of who you couldn’t make it (and for those of you who just want to watch us sing again…)

Repertoire from last night:
“Dance With Somebody” – opb. Whitney Houston, soloist: Sheki Pettway ’18
“Reflections” – opb. Misterwives, arr: Amber Barksdale ’18, soloist: Caroline Montag ’17
“Welcome Home, Son” – opb. Radical Face, arr: Amber Barksdale ’18, soloists: Liam Finnerty ’17, Alix Pupo ’18
“Somebody to Love”  – opb. Queen, arr: Chris Genco, ’15, soloist: Chris Genco ’15.