Admitted Students Weekend

Congratulations to all the members of the class of 2019 who got a “yes” from Bowdoin!
Bowdoin Experience/Admitted Students weekend is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and boy is that weekend seriously packed with stuff. No worries, BOKA is definitely involved in the fun.
If you are a prospective student creepin’ around on the acapella pages, here are our performance times:

Thursday April 16 – 5:30 at Quinby.
Thursday April 16 – 7 at the Chapel. (Get there early. It’ll be packed.)
Friday April 17 – 8:30 at Relay for Life.

Congratulations once again and we hope to see you that weekend, if you can make time in your busy visiting schedule!


Great Success!

Thank you again to everyone who came out last night for BOKA and Ursus Verses!
You guys were a crazy awesome audience and we really appreciated the energy!
There will be pictures and videos up very soon for those of who you couldn’t make it (and for those of you who just want to watch us sing again…)

Repertoire from last night:
“Dance With Somebody” – opb. Whitney Houston, soloist: Sheki Pettway ’18
“Reflections” – opb. Misterwives, arr: Amber Barksdale ’18, soloist: Caroline Montag ’17
“Welcome Home, Son” – opb. Radical Face, arr: Amber Barksdale ’18, soloists: Liam Finnerty ’17, Alix Pupo ’18
“Somebody to Love”  – opb. Queen, arr: Chris Genco, ’15, soloist: Chris Genco ’15.

BURSURKA Rescheduled

We love singing.
We love school (midterms).
We love sports (track).
We love the people in BOKA who are part of these activities, which is why BURSURKA is being rescheduled until after Spring Break.
Repeat – do not show up to the Chapel Thursday, March 5 at 8:00 pm expecting the performance of your lives, because we won’t be there 🙁

I’m sorry!!

Your dreams will become reality when you come back from a much-needed brain rest.

We love and appreciate our adoring fans, and apologize for any disappointment this has caused.
Hope to see you then!


Lots of excitement for our upcoming gig with our rival friend aca-group, Ursus Verses.
Without giving away song particulars, here’s something to jazz you up:
A popular new song about seeing things in mirrors.
An older song by the late great queen of singing.

whitney houston

Don’t miss out!
For more details, see the event on facebook, or visit our facebook page.


We are happy to announce that we are in the midst of recording a new CD!! We had two recording sessions for the fall semester, and another one coming up in early May. Keep your eyes and ears out for this awesome new CD.
Here’s a sneak peek of some of the songs:
Who You Are – opb Jessie J, arr. Genco ’15. Soloist: Jeonguk Choi ’18
Shark In the Water – opb VV Brown. Soloist: Caroline Montag ’17
Scarecrow – opb Alex & Sierra, arr Genco ’15. Duet: Colin Litts ’18, Amber Barksdale ’18
Never Forget You – opb The Noisettes, arr Barksdale ’18. Soloist: Hannah Hirschfield ’18

boka recording
Taking a break between songs!

Thanks to The Studio in Portland, ME for helping us record and dealing with our craziness.