The end, the end, the end, that’s all…

Time continues to slip through our fingers faster than we would like. Last night was the final all-acappella show, with a great turnout and us bringing back our¬†Canadian tuxedos. ¬†We began (what we hope to become a tradition) with some song improv, followed by our classic “Siya Humba”.
We sang Pillowtalk (Zayn) and Swimming (Florence + the Machine).
We had a great time.

Some closing remarks for the year:
– Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the audience members at every concert! We get our energy from you.
– Thank you to all the venues that asked us to sing for them (Relay for Life, Scholarship Luncheon, WRC, Admissions and more!)
– Next year will be crazy as all of our juniors are going abroad at some point! Keeping up-to-date with BOKA will be tough, but we’ll try our best.
– Needless to say, we will miss our seniors like mad. They have made serious impact in the group and it will be impossible to replace them next year.
– Following that… we are so excited to hear some fresh pipes in the fall! Keep eyes peeled for posters for the recruitment concert and auditions in September.

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