New Resources Available at CPC

The recruiting season for technology is under way and the Career Planning Center has created new resources for students interested in pursuing a career in STEM. Here is a quick overview of what CPC has to offer!

  1. Bethany Walsh: Bethany is an Associate Director at CPC and she works with students interested in technology, the sciences, environmental studies, and healthcare. She is a gold mine of information and she is super passionate about working to provide CS students with the resources that they need to obtain internships and full-time positions. You can schedule an appointment with her here.
  2. Mock Technical Interviews: Whether this will be your first time having a technical interview or your 50th, it is always a good idea to complete a couple of mock interviews to refresh your skills and find areas for improvement. This year, you can schedule mock technical interviews through CPC! Note: It takes about a week to arrange a mock interview, so be sure to plan accordingly if you have an interview coming up soon. You can schedule a mock interview here.
  3. Prepping for Technical Interviews: In addition to providing mock technical interviews, CPC has also started to compile a list of resources and tips to help students prepare for technical interviews. Check it out here.
  4. Career Exploration: CPC has created a nifty career exploration tool that provides salary information, job-hunting tips, alumni resources, and advice on advanced degrees. The Software Development card is definitely helpful if you are trying to decide what type of software developer you want to be (ie: backend, full stack, embedded, etc). This is also a great resource if you want to find opportunities outside of software development (ie: project management, consulting, UX/UI design, etc.).
  5. Graduate School: If you are thinking about going to graduate school after college, CPC and the Office of Special Academic Programs can help guide you through the process. The CPC’s website outlines some of the important details to think about, including testing options and the financial aid process for graduate school. The Office of Special Academic Programs offers more detailed information about scholarships and the application process. You can schedule appointments with the office, as well as attend the Graduate School Fair on October 3rd.