The Board

The following students comprise the 2016-2017 LASO board. Throughout the year they will work to plan and hold engaging events for the club as well as the larger Bowdoin student body. Our board members work hard to coordinate events and activities that group members, as well as the student body, will find enjoyable. The Board aims to listen and satisfy the wants of fellow club members and invites them to provide their input during board meetings.

The Board
President, Ernesto Garcia ’17 –
Vice President, Cristina Tamay ’18 –¬†
Secretary, Raquel Santizo ’19 –
Treasurer, Montserrat Madrigal ’19 –
Treasurer, Karla Olivares ’17 –
Minister of Entertainment and Culture, Perla Rubi ’17 –
First Year Representative, Ray Tarango ’20 –
First Year Representative, Julio Palencia ’20 –