“Who?” said the young owl who has yet to learn about homophones.

The Quill is a literary arts magazine. Our taste is refined, just like the sugar in junk food. Our editors, powerful. We can take ballpoint pen on greasy napkin and make it into art.

What? said the owl. (This was a ridiculous thing for the owl to say because owls have great hearing. The great grey owl, in fact, can hear its prey scurrying about under two feet of snow.)

Again, The Quill is a literary arts magazine. Get in on the fun by emailing your writing or artwork to quill@bowdoin.edu. Or, come to our meetings. Bring refined sugar.

When? said the owl who also has yet to learn about non-sequiturs.

We’ve been stinkin’ to high heaven since ’97 (that phrase meant something different back then). 1897, that is. If we were a person, we’d be dead. Thankfully, we’re a magazine.

Where? said the owl, extremely intrigued and incredibly impressed.

The magazines themselves can be found scattered around campus in places you’d most expect them, like end tables and in buildings where art and English lovers stereotypically spend their time (Massachusetts Hall, the Visual Arts Center, etc.). We, the talking voices behind the curtain, can be found in the Chandler Room of Hawthorne-Longfellow Library every Sunday at 4pm.  We’re on Facebook and Twitter, too.