About Us

Ur·sus Ver·ses

Pronunciation: 1. \düd ˈthā räk\ 2. \ˈȯ-səm\

• A group of college males and females most commonly found in an arc shape facing large crowds.

• Their primary habitat lies in Maine on the pack ice known as the Bowdoin campus. However, knowing their place as the apexapella group, they travel off-campus frequently in order to keep the local acasystem in balance.

• Although the Ursus is closely related to the both the Longfellow and to the Boka, it has evolved to occupy a narrow musical niche. Ursus has attached certain acoustical characteristics to their name and style which include but are not limited to: ridiculous electronic melodies, bold and compelling chord progressions, and perfectly blended harmonies that will enchant audiences throughout the greater Boston area.

• The members of Ursus Verses are powerful singers and feed primarily on epic performances and epic after-parties. Again, epic.