Q: Am I allowed to take the bikes off campus?
A: Yes! Take the bike anywhere you want, whether downtown to run errands or on a relaxing ride around Brunswick. Just be sure to lock up the bike wherever you are.

Q: What if something is wrong with the bike?
A: Please contact us! We are happy to repair problems with your bike including squeaky chain, poor shifting, poor braking, and flat tires. Simply bring your bike to the shed during repair hours and we will fix the issue as soon as possible.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Yellow Bike Club, and what are the dues put toward?
A: It costs $30 per semester. The dues pay for maintenance equipment (i.e., bike pumps, chains, wheels, etc.) and other bike tools. If the dues present a financial burden, we do offer waivers.

Q: Where does the yellow bike fleet come from?
A: We have a mixed fleet of used bikes. The used bikes are donated to us from various sources and we make sure to examine the bike thoroughly before putting it out on campus.

Q: Who fixes the bikes?
A: Our team of four student bike mechanics has been trained to repair the bikes.

Q: Can I join the YBC team?
A: Yes! If you are interested in getting involved with the logistics of the bike club and want to help us with any aspect of the club, email yellowbikeclub@bowdoin.edu. We could always use an extra hand, whether it be to make posters or to do bike education.

Q: What if I lose or damage my bike?
A: Your membership covers normal wear and tear. Damage that is deemed grossly negligent will be charged to the member. Members are fully liable for any lost bikes or bikes stolen due to negligence.

Q: What if if I suspect my bike is stolen?
A: If you locked your bike and the lock was cut, simply present the lock (or other corroborating evidence) and we will replace your bike, free of charge. However, if the bike was left unsecured, members are liable for $150 or may provide the YBC with a replacement bike. Institutional partners are liable for the usage of their employees or other authorized users.

For any further questions, please contact yellowbikeclub@bowdoin.edu