Q: Am I allowed to take the bikes off campus?
A: Yes! Take the bike anywhere you want, whether downtown to run errands or on a relaxing ride around Brunswick. Just be sure to lock up the bike wherever you are.

Q: What if something is wrong with the bike?
A: First, stop riding the bike! If the bike is making a chirping noise around the chain or any other strange noises, stop riding it because you may do more damage. If the bike’s brakes aren’t working as well as they should, stop riding immediately. Take the bike to the YBC shed and email a mechanic. It will be repaired as soon as possible.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Yellow Bike Club, and what are the dues put toward?
A: It costs $40 to be in the bike club for the entire year. The dues pay for maintenance equipment (i.e., bike pumps, chains, wheels, etc.) and other bike tools.

Q: Where does the yellow bike fleet come from?
A: We have a mixed fleet of used bikes. The used bikes are donated to us from various sources and we make sure to examine the bike thoroughly before putting it out on campus.

Q: Who fixes the bikes?
A: Our team of four student bike mechanics has been trained to repair the bikes.

Q: Can I join the YBC team?
A: Yes! If you are interested in getting involved with the logistics of the bike club and want to help us with any aspect of the club, email ybcmechanic@gmail.com. We could always use an extra hand, whether it be to make posters or to do bike education.

Q: What if I lose or damage my bike?
A: YBC covers normal wear and tear on the bikes. Damage that is deemed grossly negligent will be charged to the member. Members are fully liable for any lost bikes or bikes stolen due to negligence.

Q: What if if I suspect my bike is stolen?
A: The YBC has never had bikes stolen even during the communal pool model. Bikes locked to immovable objects may have their tires or parts stolen. Members in that case can simply bring the bike lock to the shed as evidence. Although this scenario it not common either. Frankly most yellow bikes are too well loved to be stolen, especially compared to the other valuable bikes on campus. In light of these facts it is YBC policy that members are liable for $100 or may provide the bike club with a bike if their bike is missing, under any circumstance. Institutional partners are liable for the usage of their employees or other authorized users.

For any further questions, please contact ybcmechanic@gmail.com