Curling tournaments, or bonspeils, are held all over the national and bring together curling teams from different regions to compete for points. Bowdoin curling travels anywhere from Belfast, Maine to Rochester, New York and beyond for competitions. Our travels allow us to interact with other schools and hone our skills.

Curling Schedule 15-16:

  • UPenn “Back to School Speil”   October 23-25
  • Broomstones College Speil        November 6-9
  • RIT College Speil                         November 13-15
  • Schenectady College Speil         December 4-6
  • Belfast Crash Speil                      January 23-24
  • Yale “Blazing Handles”              January 30-31
  • Bowdoin One Day Speil             February 6
  • Utica “Snow Speil”                      February 12-14