What is curling?Curling_stones_on_rink_with_visible_pebble

Curling is a team sport that originated in Scotland. It involves 4 people on the ice at a time. There is the skip, vice skip, second, and lead. The skip directs the flow of the game and is in charge of strategy. The vice skip sweeps and acts as the skip when the skip throws their stones. Second and lead both sweep and also throw stones.

Curling is a courteous sport and always begins with handshakes between teams. Throughout the game, you can hear curlers telling each other “great shot” when someone makes a particularly difficult or technical shot.

For more information, check out this video.

I have never curled before, can I join?

Of course! We make an effort to get everyone ice time. We provide all the necessary instruction and with hard work and dedication you can become a great curler. Our roster can accommodate as many people as are interested and there are no cuts.

Are there any outside costs?

The only additional costs that are associated with Bowdoin Curling are uniform costs. The rest of our funding for travel and tournaments comes from the Bowdoin Student Government and the Student Activity Funding Committee.

What are tournaments like?

Tournaments, or bonspiels, are generally weekend long events. Teams play anywhere between three to six games during the weekend with each game lasting around two and a half hours. The ‘spiels are fun and allow you to interact with other collegiate curlers and see how great the sport is!