2018-2019 Results

*updated 8 February

Philadelphia College Spiel

One team, record 1-2. Win against Colgate, loss to Yale, RPI.

Broomstones College Bonspiel

Bowdoin I record 3-2, wins against RPI, MIT 1, MIT 3; losses to Harvard & MIT 3. C event winners.

Bowdoin II record 1-3, win against Harvard, losses to Penn, Oklahoma, MIT 3.

RPI Schenectady College Bonspiel

Bowdoin I record 0-3, losses to Colgate, RIT, Hamilton.

Bowdoin II record 3-1, C Event winners. Wins against RPI I, RPI III, MIT. Loss to Yale.

Belfast College Crash Spiel

Bowdoin I record 3-1, A event runners-up, Wins against UMaine, Unity, MIT. Loss to MIT.

Bowdoin II, split team with RIT, record 2-2. C event winners. Wins against UMaine and Unity, losses to MIT and RIT.

Yale College Bonspiel

Record 1-2, Win against Syracuse, losses to RPI, SUNY Poly.

Cape Cod Bonspiel

Bowdoin 1 record 2-2, wins against Castleton and Unity, losses to MIT and SUNY Poly. B event runners-up.

Bowdoin II record 1-2, win against Cornell, losses to Syracuse and SUNY Poly.

Utica College Bonspiel

Bowdoin I record 3-2, B event winners. Beat Castleton, SUNY Poly II, and Hamilton. Losses to SUNY Poly I, RPI I.

Bowdoin II record 1-2, beat Yale II, lost to RPI II, Colgate II