Please come visit us in our new location – 102 Jewett Hall
where we are sharing space with the VR Lab

Monitored Lab Hours for Fall 2022
Please check Instagram for daily updates and schedule changes, as well:

Evening & Weekend Staffed Hours
Tuesday 11AM-12PM
Friday 1:30-2:30
Saturday 12-2 PM
Sunday 12-2 PM

For other times, you can make an appointment with the contacts listed below

During the Day
For those who are properly trained (or wish to be trained)
Please come find David in Jewett 203 to be let in
M-F 9-5

Training Sessions
By appointment

Anna Chen, Student Lab Instructor – achen4@bowdoin.edu
Tennegon Johnson, Student Lab Instructor – tjohnson2@bowdoin.edu
Benjamin Pinto Arroyo, Student Lab Instructor – bpintoarroyo@bowdoin.edu
David Israel, ATC Staff – disrael@bowdoin.edu

3D Printing at Bowdoin College