Please come visit us in our new location – 102 Jewett Hall
where we are sharing space with the VR Lab

Monitored Lab Hours for Fall 2022
Please check Instagram for daily updates and schedule changes, as well:

During the Day
For those who are properly trained
Please come find David in Jewett 203 to be let in
M-F 9-5

Evenings & Weekends
Monday – TBD
Tuesday – TBD
Wednesday – 2:00-3:30 PM and 5:30-7:00 PM
Thursday – 3-5 PM
Friday – 2-5 PM
Saturday TBD
Sunday – 12-2 PM
And by appointment, of course.

Training Sessions

by appointment

Shea Tyrrell, Student Lab Instructor – styrrell@bowdoin.edu
Benjamin Pinto Arroyo, Student Lab Instructor – bpintoarroyo@bowdoin.edu
David Israel, ATC Staff – disrael@bowdoin.edu

3D Printing at Bowdoin College