Hello everyone!

As recent graduates of Miscellania, Emily Tucker, Amalie MacGowan, and I plan to expand the Miscellania alumnae network!  We hope that members of Miscellania will step forward to contribute to the current group in any way they can, through donating, purchasing the newest Miscellania CD, or just by attending a concert when the girls are in your area.  Please feel free to contact me, Adrienne White, at [email protected].  We hope that as the bonds within the group grow stronger, so will our Miscellania network through four years at Bowdoin and after graduation.  We wish the girls the best of luck in the upcoming years.  Don’t forget to stay in touch!

Missy love,

Adrienne White ’15


Hello All!!

Welcome to the Miscellania website!

Meet this year’s group, find out about recordings, concerts and more. This website will be the primary way to keep informed about Miscellania. With the help of this site, I hope to build a stronger alumnae base for past, present and future members of Miscellania. I encourage all alumnae to register on PolarNet (make sure you put Miscellania in as your activity!) or contact me at [email protected] so we can create our alumnae section of the website. Our support of the current group, whether it be financial or words of encouragement/saying hello, is extremely important and appreciated by all current members.
Enjoy and don’t forget to keep in touch!

Yours Truly,

Teleza “Tez” Newkirk ‘97
[email protected]