Individual Actions

Below is a list of individual actions suggested by previous groups. They’re mostly small, but then again, most groups have said that “Change is something you must do on your own” and “individuals need to be the one to initiate change”. Small changes can affect the ethos of this campus. So if you feel strongly that Bowdoin could be a more connected, cohesive community,  we dare you to just try one of these ideas.

  • The Bowdoin Hello: Remember Orientation and President Mills’ speech about the Bowdoin Hello? Let’s define what it means, make reminders easily accessible, and actually do it. Say “Hi” to everybody you pass today. Know them a little better? Ask them how hockey or their gov class or the rest of their weekend is going.
  • Lunch Dates: Several groups had this idea: “Lunch dates” “Lunch with a stranger or someone you wouldn’t normally cross paths with” “One-on-one interactions — set up people who normally wouldn’t cross paths, or set up friends with friends and have them do the same.” Ask an acquaintance to lunch and get to know them.
  • Strong Individuals: “Encourage strong individuals to encourage their friends to try new things and social scenes with them”.  We dare you to be a strong individual and encourage your friends to also step out of their normal routines a bit.
  • Think About Your Own Attitudes and Actions: Do you choose to act in a way that acts against the things about Bowdoin culture that drive you crazy? For example, if you think Bowdoin could use more dating, “make it normal for people to be able to go out on dates” through what you do and say.
  • Don’t Be A Coward: “Encourage risk” “We need more conversation on the campus.” “Talking and not being afraid of being politically correct”.  Take the type of conversations you had in the Undiscussed and ask tough questions when you see or hear something that doesn’t make sense to you. If somebody seems to be coming from a completely different place than you, try to understand their viewpoint rather than glossing over it. Be uncomfortable.
  • Don’t Be Lame: All of these ideas could be summed up as this: Don’t be lame. It’s easy to get comfortable at Bowdoin. Don’t be lame. Try something new once in a while — watch a sport you’ve never seen before, invite somebody a little outside your normal sphere to hang out, go to a concert that’s not quite your scene, accompany a friend to a party with their theater friends. And if somebody invites you to try something new, don’t be lame. Say yes.