“We Dare You” Day

For our first event we focused on community building. During first-year orientation every year, Bowdoin College President Barry Mills invites the first-year class to participate in the “Bowdoin Hello”, the idea that Bowdoin students say hello or acknowledge their fellow schoolmates on campus. Too often this enthusiasm wanes and students get caught in small social circles.

To reinvigorate this sense of community, The Undiscussed held an event in the middle of the quad and in the dining hall in late September where we made signs and t-shirts, which challenged students to meet someone new that day.  The theme was “We Dare You…” [to meet someone new]. If the students agreed to participate in our challenge we asked them to sign our t-shirts.

At the end of the day we collected over 300 signatures and often heard back from students that they had in fact met someone new that day.

Pictures from “We Dare You” Day:

Many names! Many new friends!

Many names! Many new friends!